Courtney Love shares tribute to Kurt Cobain on the 29th anniversary of his death

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On the 29th anniversary of his passing, Courtney Love paid homage to her late husband, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. On April 5, 1994, the grunge musician committed suicide. Love had earlier in the week posted a picture to commemorate the occasion.

R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe took the black-and-white image of Cobain’s hands. She wrote, “I love beautiful hands, it’s the first thing I look at in another. I love that the only photograph of Kurt that [Stipe] took, despite being a lover of all sorts of beauty, kudzu, @helenachristensen, river phoenix; dozens if not 100s of gorgeous photos of people he finds and sees their ‘Shen’ (a Chinese word of what’s in the eyes – loosely translated as ‘mojo’ but more about the ‘twinkle’)”.

She added, “But Micheal saw these hands. These left handed beautiful hands like a votive/ a mudra, and shot this singular, powerful photograph of my twin flame. It is one of the only images (or sounds/ tastes etc) that makes me miss him deeply.”

“But he chanted with me & often, & truly was moved by our Buddhist practice. Thus, I know he’s in an enlightened place, more so, than we here in mappo are. The arms of a 1000 Buddhas outstretched to greet you’ the gosho says. Nam myoho renge kyo dear Kurt D. C. i & we love & miss you.”

Frances Bean, the daughter of Love and Cobain, paid homage to her parents on her Instagram story: “Life is like a wave crashing upon the shore (and) death is like the wave returning back to the ocean, back to its most natural state. Free from pain or human worry… death serves a purpose.”

She concluded. “It is what makes life so precious, in the same way pain is purposeful because we wouldn’t know joy without it.”

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