Creed Is Back To Live Stage After 12 Years, Scott Stapp Earns Fans’ Seal Of Approval

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Creed has made a triumphant return!

Last July 19th, the band officially announced their comeback, putting an end to the whirlwind of rumors that had been circulating. Fans were left awestruck when they learned that Creed’s grand re-entry would be aboard their very own festival cruise. Unsurprisingly, tickets vanished in the blink of an eye.

The stage was set ablaze as the band launched into their set with the iconic anthem ‘Are You Ready?’ From there, they took their adoring fans on a nostalgic journey through hits like ‘Torn,’ ‘My Own Prison,’ and ‘Weathered.’

But it was the spine-tingling sing-alongs to ‘With Arms Wide Open’ and ‘Higher’ that truly stole the show, culminating in a heartfelt celebration of Mark Tremonti’s 50th birthday.

Capturing a slice of the magic, a fan immortalized the reunion show in a video shared on both Facebook and YouTube.

The reactions from fans were nothing short of ecstatic. One enthusiast proclaimed that Creed sounded even better than during their previous reunion: “After all these years, they’re sounding better than the last reunion.”

Praising Scott Stapp’s vocals, another fan marveled, “Stapp sounding amazing.”

And in a testament to the band’s enduring impact, another admirer expressed, “Brother, it was everything I hoped to see.”

Reflecting on their resurgence, Stapp attributed Creed’s revival to a higher power. He pointed out that the viral resurgence of their music on platforms like TikTok and Instagram introduced a new generation of fans to their timeless tunes. For Stapp, it’s all part of a divine plan: “I believe in God, and I believe that God has a plan… It just seems, to me, without a doubt that God’s had a hand in it.” With gratitude and a renewed sense of purpose, Stapp is committed to delivering unforgettable performances and honoring the fervent support of Creed’s faithful following.

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