Dan Reynolds Explains His ‘Plans and Goal’ For Imagine Dragons

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It’s been more than Ten years since their commercial breakthrough. The action-packed pop-rock band from Las Vegas, Imagine Dragons held their ground and have sold more than 17 million album units. The milestone they have reached is a big one and other pop artists could only dream about it.

Dan, the frontman of the band had been depressed for a long time. The reason he often times raises awareness about it. He is an activist and has been dedicated to raising awareness among the public. Dan’s life has been full of goals and back in 2020, he revealed his goals for the year.

On his Twitter he posted it.

“My focus for 2020:

1. Be a good dad and husband
2. Create honest art
3. Try to be kind and present
4. Take care of my mental health/love myself
5. Try to think of a 5”

Recently they celebrated their 10th anniversary. It is a very big milepost for them. That’s when Dan talked about his goal for the band as a leader. While talking with Billboard Dan revealed that the goal is the longevity of the band. The interview was with Dan and all the bandmates at the Equinox Hotel in New York City.

Dan said, “You know, writing pop music is really complex. It’s so funny to me when people are like, ‘Well of course I could do pop music, but I choose this [other genre].'” Their mainstream success came with their successful singles like ‘Demons’, and ‘Radioactive’, from their 2012 debut album, Night Visions.

To summarize their achievements till now, they have gained a lot. More than 17 million albums sold, 14.8 billion streams in the US alone, a total of nineteen Hot 100 hits, and many more. Dan reveals that he doesn’t really care about numbers. He also talks about how it’s hard to wrap your head around such a success.

With ten years of experience, it’s great to see them standing where they were before all this. They have united fans of many genres such as pop, rock, and electronic. The band has evolved a great deal throughout the years. According to the band members, they have a commitment. They like to treat each song as its own entity. And it’s all because it’s fun.

Talking about their success, their longtime manager, Mac Reynolds commented, “I think the success of their music is a demonstration that personal is, at its core, universal.” “Dan has always been insistent on writing his own lyrics and going to a vulnerable place, and people feel and relate to that vulnerability in a powerful way. When you find yourself in a song, your connection to it sticks around for a long time, and diamond records are more about longevity than anything else in the end.”

The lead singer also had comments about the emotional content of the songs. He says there is always a place that is personal with music. Dan said, “And I think that personal level of lyric connects with people in a different way. I think we do it in a specific way that feels very specific to Imagine Dragons. And it just seems to connect us with people who feel a similar way, whether it’s about depression or joy or sorrow or…It’s all very emotion-based, whereas not all music is that way, right?”

And now the important part.

Dan talks about his ultimate goal. Reynolds disclosed, “Sustainability, I think, is our ultimate goal. To do this as long as we can. I mean, look – we certainly are always driven. To the point where just the other day, we were like, ‘What could our next record sound like if we do this? This could be really cool. Maybe we do it here with these people in this way…'”

Dan also added, “We believe that there’s still a lot of gas in the tank, and we’re determined to push ourselves and try to be the best versions of Imagine Dragons we can and make our show better and bigger. Yeah, I don’t know. We dream endlessly; at this point, we’re looking to keep dreaming.”

Imagine Dragons dropped the second half of their album, Mercury, back in July of this year. Right now, they are celebrating their 10th-anniversary milestone and are releasing a super deluxe version of ‘Night Visions’.

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