Dave Davies Debunks Jimmy Page Rumors About The Kinks

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Since the release of The Kinks’ hit “You Got Me,” there has been persistent speculation that it was Jimmy Page, not Dave Davies, who played the unforgettable guitar solo. Dave Davies himself recently addressed these rumors head-on via X (formerly Twitter), referencing an American Songwriter article to definitively clear up the confusion:

“Appreciated the piece by American Songwriter, but let’s set the record straight: Jimmy Page never claimed to have played on ‘YRGM.’ I’m not sure where this rumor originated, but it was indeed me on the guitar. A correction would be appreciated.”

Davies even shared a video to emphasize his point:

“Jimmy Page is a stand-up guy, but he didn’t play on ‘You Really Got Me.’ That distorted guitar sound? That was all me.”

This isn’t the first time the myth has been debunked. Other members of The Kinks, including drummer Mick Avory, have spoken out, as has Page himself, to clarify that Dave Davies was the one behind the iconic solo. In an interview with AllMusic, Avory recalled Page’s minimal involvement during the recording of “You Really Got Me,” noting a misunderstanding that led to the widespread rumor:

“Jimmy Page did pop into the studio, but as far as I recall, his contribution was minimal. He seemed to underestimate Dave’s work due to his own technical prowess and somehow left people with the impression he played the solo.”

Avory stressed that the solo’s distinctive style was unmistakably Dave Davies, not something a session musician like Page would typically produce.

Over the years, Page has consistently stated he did not play the solo on the 1964 track. In a 1970s interview, he expressed frustration over the misconception, emphasizing it wasn’t his work. This sentiment was echoed in a 2014 appearance on SiriusXM’s ‘Town Hall’ series, where Page hoped for a correction on Wikipedia to prevent the recurring question.

The song’s producer, Ray Davies, also confirmed Dave Davies’ role in creating the memorable solo, sharing a studio anecdote that highlighted the guitarist’s spirited response to being asked to redo his part, which humorously made it onto the record right before the solo begins.

In conclusion, the legend behind “You Really Got Me” involves not just the music but also the myths surrounding its creation. The consensus from those involved, including Page himself, firmly credits Dave Davies with the iconic guitar work that has resonated through rock history.


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