Dave Grohl Favorite Bands of All Time

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Dave Grohl is undoubtedly one of the most popular rock music artists and the fact he was not only a member in one but two of the best rock bands is nothing but amazing. It is clear that without Grohl Nirvana would not have been where it is today. Grohl was someone who was like a missing piece of a puzzle and the best decision Nirvana did was to fire their drummer Chad Channing and hire Grohl.

As Grohl gave the band something that made them complete and took their songs to whole another level. Certainly, Dave Grohl is a veteran rock music artist and he can tell what is good and what is not. And if he likes someone’s performance then he doesn’t keep it to himself but he tells them they did well.

So are there any particular bands that Grohl likes? or does he have any favorite bands? if he has then what bands are those? don’t worry, all these questions will be answered in this article. Of course, this is the main focus of this article however, first let’s talk about something Grohl mentioned in an interview with Howard Stern.

Is Dave Grohl deaf?

As mentioned above, when Grohl was in an interview with Howard Stern he mentioned that he is deaf. So what did he really mean? well, he definitely is not deaf but what he meant was that his hearing ability is not as good as normal people’s. So what made Grohl lose hearing? he explained that it was because he played very loud music without ear protection for several years.

However, he also said that he was born that way. He added that he has always been this way and he didn’t lose anything. Furthermore, he added that he is half deaf and he learned sign language (ASL) although he said he is still learning the language.

Furthermore, he explained that he has difficulty communicating with a large group of people and often feels lonely and he also had trouble getting his license renewed. And it seems that nobody knew he was half deaf until this interview was out.

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Dave Grohl’s favorite bands

There are a few bands Grohl has mentioned and he said that these bands are amazing. Furthermore, he is always trying to get new bands for Foo Fighters’ opening as he wants people to appreciate and know these new bands and recognize their talent and hard work.

In an interview with The Guardian, Grohl revealed his new favorite band, he said that one of his friends send a song called Chaise Longue and he really loved it. He said that after listening to it he started sharing that song with his friends. Moreover, he also said that he really want to see them play live. So which band was he talking about? many might have already guessed it and yes, he was indeed talking about Wet Leg.

Moreover, Grohl also really loves the British rock band The Struts. In fact, talking to Radio X back in 2017, Grohl mentioned that The Struts is the best band that has opened for the Foo Fighters. He also praised the vocalist of the band, Luke Spiller, and said that he did really amazing job and it is not easy to control the audience as he did.

Foo Fighters also have chosen popular bands like Wolf Alice and The Cribs for their opening and we can also say that Grohl also likes them because if he didn’t then they would not have selected them for their opening in the first place. And Grohl also said that he want to select “lesser known” bands for their opening as the bands like Wolf Alice and The Cribs are already huge.

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