Dave Grohl Names ‘Best Rock Band In The World’ Right Now

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Dave Grohl, the lead vocalist of the Foo Fighters, recently revealed his choice for the current best rock band in the world, and his pick is Queens Of The Stone Age.

This selection shouldn’t come as a surprise, given Dave Grohl’s longstanding connection with the band’s frontman, Josh Homme.

Grohl’s admiration for Josh’s music began during Josh’s time with the band Kyuss. Kyuss’ album “Blues For The Red Sun” coincided with the rise of Nirvana’s popularity. At that time, Grohl took the opportunity to pay homage to Kyuss, benefiting from the grunge movement’s attention.

As Grohl’s career progressed, he continued to express his appreciation for the same album, “Blues For The Red Sun,” during the production of Foo Fighters’ documentary series, “Sonic Highways.” He mentioned that he would purchase the record to share it with others.

In 2000, Grohl invited Queens Of The Stone Age to join Foo Fighters as their opening act during the “Nothing Left To Lose” tour.

During an interview on Bill Simmons’ podcast last year, Grohl elaborated on why he believes Queens Of The Stone Age is currently the best rock band in the world. He said, “When they take the stage, they are the greatest rock band in the world. No one comes close. There are incredible bands that create powerful songs, like Rage Against The Machine. There are incredible bands that captivate audiences, like The Prodigy, and so on. But when it comes to musicianship, as a musician myself, when you watch Queens Of The Stone Age, you can’t help but think, ‘This is unfair! How is this even possible?’ Every member of the band is extraordinarily talented, and they are fully aware of it.”

Queens Of The Stone Age recently released their first studio album since 2017, titled “In Times New Roman.” It debuted at number 9 on the Billboard 200 chart. During its first week, the album sold 40,000 units, with 36,000 of those being album sales, while the remaining sales were from streaming platforms.

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