Dave Grohl Needs “No Cursing” Sign To Remind Himself Not to Curse in Abu Dhabi

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Dave Grohl, famed for his liberal use of expletives, faced a unique challenge at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after-race concert. In the United Arab Emirates, cursing is a serious offense, with penalties for using profanities like the F-word including up to a year in jail. Understanding this, Grohl took a humorous yet cautious approach.

He displayed a bold “NO CURSING” sign on stage, a reminder to himself and his band. The sign even found its way taped to his microphone, a testament to Grohl’s commitment to adhering to local norms. Amused by his own restraint, Grohl exclaimed in disbelief at his ability to perform without swearing, a first in his career.

The concert also held emotional significance for Grohl. He dedicated the song “Everlong” to the Foo Fighters’ late drummer, Taylor Hawkins, sharing a recent dream he had of Hawkins. In this dream, Hawkins appeared bald with a ponytail, an image that seemed both amusing and poignant to Grohl, who often dreams about his late friend.

Looking ahead, Grohl anticipated more relaxed performances in Australia and later in the UK and North America, where he wouldn’t need to self-censor. The Abu Dhabi concert, thus, stood out as a unique blend of cultural respect, personal restraint, and heartfelt tribute.

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