David Coverdale Remembers Forming Whitesnake After Deep Purple

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David Coverdale is best known as the founder of the hard rock band Whitesnake, and a former member of Depp Purple in the early 1970s. David formed a band by himself, Whitesnake, and before that he used to be the lead singer of Deep Purple between 1973 and 1976.

Before him, Ritchie Blackmore had left the band in June 1975. After the release of ‘Come Taste The Band’, the commercial disappointment also encouraged Coverdale to pursue a solo career. Instead, he went on to form his own band in 1978. The band had decided everyone was better without one another.

It was not that easy for David. He took a year-and-a-half-long break from music and came back with Whitesnake. Even a British magazine shared the article regarding Whitesnake. David had shared an early photo of the band along with a piece of magazine. It said, that the new band would be ready next week and their debut show would be in a club after a month.

U.K music magazine wrote, “David Coverdale, [the] former Deep Purple singer, is preparing for his return to the rock scene with his own band. He’s been out of action since Purple split nearly 18 months ago, but he’s now formed the David Coverdale Band compromising Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden (guitars), ex-Streetwalkers drummer David Dowell and ex-Colosseum bassist Neil Murray.”

The paper also featured their tour. It stated they will spend the first three weeks of February practicing before launching their maiden tour on February 23 at Nottingham Sky Bird Club. The announcement of more dates will come in a week or two once they are confirmed. The Purple label will release the solo album “North Wind” by Coverdale and its lead song “Breakdown” in late February. Promotion on television and radio is planned.

David has also revealed that he used some principles of Deep Purple to form Whitesnake. During his conversation with Ultimate Classic Guitar in 2011, he stated that he learned many aspects of musicing making with Deep Purple and used it. He stated that the elements he brought in Whitesnake were.

“I sat down absolutely clearly and thought, I want to include hard rock, rhythm and blues, soul music, and Motown. Believe me; there are Motown inflections on every f*cking Whitesnake album out there, including the new one.

And humor, baby. ‘I’ve got a white snake, mama / You wanna shake it, mama?’ It’s all f*ckin’ tongue in cheek and a bit of this and a bit of that. The bedrock and foundation of Whitesnake have always been the same; just the clothes have changed. And certainly some of the f*ckin’ hairstyles.”

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