David Coverdale Reveals The Bassists Jimmy Page Wished To Hire

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Whitesnake’s lead vocalist David Coverdale teamed up with Led Zeppelin’s iconic guitarist Jimmy Page in 1993 to craft a joint album. In a recent chat with UCR, Coverdale reminisced about their inaugural ‘Coverdale Page’ record and their deliberations on potential bassists back then. He mentioned:

“Jimmy and I had discussions about potentially bringing on board talents like Chris Squire and the Ox [John Entwistle]. Both were on our radar for the Coverdale-Page venture. Sadly, for various reasons, it didn’t pan out. Yet, the sheer genius of Chris and the Ox was undeniable.”

While Chris and John didn’t become a part of that journey, David holds onto the hope of introducing a box set with previously unheard tracks, possibly with Page’s collaboration. He expressed:

“I’m uncertain about the best person to handle such an undertaking. But I genuinely wish that Jimmy, who might have explored the entirety of the Led Zeppelin archive by now, would be passionate about this. We had a few gems like ‘Saccharin’ that never made it to the album. It’s truly a standout track.”

As enthusiasts anticipate this potential Coverdale and Page offering, Whitesnake is set to release an enhanced version of their 2015 ‘The Purple Album’ to celebrate Coverdale’s memorable three-year stint with Deep Purple.

The Purple Album: Special Gold Edition’ is slated for release on October 13th, showcasing a refined version of the original work alongside some never-before-heard pieces, including the 1972 four-track demo that paved the way for Coverdale’s initial association with the band.

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