David Ellefson Explains What He Misses About Megadeth: ‘It’s My Band Too’

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In a candid revelation, David Ellefson bared his sentiments about his departure from Megadeth almost three years ago, acknowledging a certain nostalgia for the iconic band. Despite the acrimonious split, Ellefson, speaking to “The Metal Voice” at this year’s NAMM, shared that he has found solace and fulfillment in the trajectory of his recent career.

While Ellefson’s departure from Megadeth stirred up a whirlwind of discussions, he managed a relatively smooth transition and has since immersed himself in a plethora of projects. Notably, he joined forces with ex-Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young as part of Kings of Thrash, paying homage to the band’s early works.

Contrary to expectations, the tensions seem to have settled between the two Daves, as Ellefson noted that Mustaine has not attempted to reach out to him. In response to whether he misses being in Megadeth, Ellefson’s reply was layered with a mix of sentimentality and a newfound contentment with his current endeavors.

“Of course. I mean, look, it’s my band too. I helped start it. But let me be clear. There are things about it, of course, that I miss — the fans, the performances, the shows. And I enjoy the touring.”

A self-proclaimed “road warrior,” Ellefson expressed his wanderlust and affirmed his preference for a life on the road, playing and creating music. Reflecting on Megadeth’s journey, he acknowledged the band’s humble beginnings, reminiscing about small gigs that eventually led to their meteoric rise.

“We started where everybody else starts; it was small gigs. So I’ve known it from the bottom to the top and everything in between. But, honestly, as the tides turn and as things go, I’m super happy and very content with everything I’m doing now.”

Ellefson emphasized that, at this stage in his life, creating music he enjoys with people he likes has taken precedence. Grateful for past achievements like the Grammy, he underscored the importance of finding joy in his current musical pursuits and collaborations. As Ellefson embraces this new chapter, it’s evident that his journey, while colored by Megadeth’s legacy, has taken on a unique and fulfilling direction.

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