Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour favorite albums of all time

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No matter how great you are at something, you are bound to get influenced by other people’s work, and that goes for each and every person in the world, even someone like David Gilmour. There is no need for us to explain Gilmour’s achievements as there are not many people who are not familiar with the frontman of Pink Floyd and what he’s achieved.

As one of the greatest musicians, fans around the world are always curious to know more things about Gilmour, and certainly, one of the most frequently asked questions to Gilmour is what his all-time favorite albums are. Fortunately, Gilmour has always been open about his influencers and favorite albums in several interviews and clearly, in this piece, we will mention five of David Gilmour’s favorite albums of all time.

Five favorite albums of David Gilmour

As a guitarist himself, Gilmour has given advice to beginners or rookies quite a few times, and back in 2017, he was in an interview with Guitar Tricks Insider where he opened up and revealed the five albums that rookie guitar players should listen to. Furthermore, these albums also seem to be his favorites, below you can find the five albums which we believe are Gilmour’s favorites.

The Beano Album (Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton)

Released in 1966, Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton which is also popularly known as The Beano Album is one of the most popular albums of John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers. Clapton has worked with numerous bands along with this one. Furthermore, The Beano Album did not only feature Clapton but also Peter Green and Mick Taylor.

In 2015 Gilmour was in an interview with Relix where he talked about this band and said, “All of those guys were incredible. I spent time trying to learn how to play their licks perfectly. I would suggest any young player should try to sit down and do that. You will wind up knowing how to play their stuff quite well. But eventually, you will find your own style from that. It forces its way out of the copying.”

Greatest Hits by The Shadows

Those who’ve been following Gilmour for a long time might know that Hank Marvin, lead guitarist of The Shadows was one of Gilmour’s biggest influences. However, it was not only Gilmour who was influenced by Marvin, he was an inspiration to many other bands including The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Furthermore, Gilmour once revealed that his way of playing melodies is linked with Marvin.  He told Music Radar back in 2006, “The way I play melodies is connected to things like Hank Marvin and The Shadows.”

Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix

jimi hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was one of the best guitarists to have been born ever and one of the guitarists he inspired was David Gilmour. In several interviews, Gilmour has mentioned Hendrix as the greatest of all time, moreover, Gilmour also worked with Hendrix as a sound technician once. And certainly, one of Gilmour’s favorite albums Electric Ladyland, Jimi Hendrix’s final studio album.

Back in 2006, Gilmour revealed in the BBC Radio 2 show Tracks Of My Years that he saw Hendrix before he was popular, he said, “Jimi Hendrix, fantastic. I went to a club in South Kensington in 1966. This kid got on stage with Brian Auger and the Trinity. (He started to play) the guitar with the other way around (upside down). Myself, and the whole place, were with their jaws hanging open.”

After watching how awesome Hendrix was Gilmour wanted to listen to his records however when he went to a record shop he could not find his records.

Dire Straits’ Dire Straits

The lead guitarist and singer of the popular rock Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler is certainly one of the well-known guitarists. Their self-titled album Dire Straits remains one of the band’s most popular albums, Sultans Of Swing from the album is a much-appreciated song where we can hear an amazing and mind-blowing guitar playing. Furthermore, Knopfler also remains one of Gilmour’s inspirations.

Talking about Knopfler, Gilmour said in an interview, “Mark Knopfler has a lovely, refreshing guitar style. He brought back something that seemed to have gone astray in guitar playing. These days I don’t listen to other people with the objective of trying to steal their licks. Although I’ve got no objections to stealing them if that seems like a good idea. I’m sure that I’m still influenced by Mark Knopfler and Eddie Van Halen as well.”

Furthermore, once Knopfler used Gilmour’s amps and rig in a charity event, however, even with Gilmour’s equipment Knopfler did not sound any different which really amazed Gilmour.

Blow By Blow by Jeff Beck

The Yardbirds’ Jeff Beck is also one of the musicians who really inspired David Gilmour. Furthermore, Jeff’s solo album Blow By Blow happens to be one of Gilmour’s favorite albums of all time. This album was not only Gilmour’s favorite because it was loved by the fans and it went to 4th position on the American Billboard 2000.

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