David Gilmour’s favourite Pink Floyd guitar solos

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When mentioned Pink Floyd most of us think of David Gilmour because he is the lead vocalist and frontman of the band. Furthermore, another reason why we think of him is that obviously Pink Floyd is a popular rock band and Gilmour is considered one of the greatest and most exceptional musicians from Britain.

It is true that Gilmour gained fame because of Pink Floyd but his guitar and songwriting skill or ability is not a joke and the fact is without any musical talent he would not have been able to join Pink Floyd let alone become the frontman. Clearly, he and Roger Waters carried more weight of the band however, all that weight come to Gilmour after Waters left the band and he still managed to carry on.

And we can even say that Pink Floyd would not have been as popular as it is without Gilmour. After he replaced his friend Syd Barrett, the band created numerous albums and they went pretty hit. Many loved their songs while guitar lovers loved certain solos and music. Now the fans want to know if Gilmour has any favorite guitar solos from Pink Floyd. And he does have favorite guitar solos from Pink Floyd, in this piece we will look at two of Gilmour’s favorite solos from his band.

What are David Gilmour’s favorite guitar solos from Pink Floyd?

As mentioned, even though Gilmour was the last member to join the band, he has a really important role in shaping Pink Floyd for good. And although Gilmour started playing guitar by copying other popular artists, he later became one of the most renowned guitarists the world had ever seen. Furthermore, with this much fame, he inspired many other artists and youngsters.

Moreover, Gilmour has never avoided questions so we already know who his favorite guitarists are, however, many people don’t know if Gilmour has any favorite solos from Pink Floyd. But as we were doing our research we found a rare interview of Gilmour with Guitar World where he revealed two of his favorite solos from his band.

Back in 1985, when he was asked if he have any favorite guitar solos he replied, “Both solos on “Comfortably Numb” are pretty good. The solos on “Dogs” from the “Animals” album I kept on because they’re different and slightly outside my usual scope. I like what I did on the instrumental “Raise My Rent” from the first solo album. That was sort of an excuse to go on a 12-bar blues.”

Furthermore, he also explained that playing Comfortably Numb live was one of the best moments in his life. He said that it was a very fantastic moment. He not only revealed his favorite solos but has answered questions like his favorite songs from Pink Floyd.

Back in 2006, he talked to Billboard where he revealed a few of his favorite tracks from his band. He said one of his favorite tracks from Pink Floyd is The Division Bell and after that, he also took some other names including, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Comfortably Numb, Wish You Were Here, The Great Gig in the Sky, High Hopes, Echoes, and lastly he ended the conversation saying there are a lot.

Well, there you have it the above-mentioned two solos are really close to Gilmour which is why he called them his favorites. Furthermore, there are also we have also mentioned some of his favorite tracks from Pink Floyd. And below you can find two of Gilmour’s favorite solos and if you feel like it then you can listen to them while reading the article.

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