David Gilmour names the rock band that is the new Pink Floyd

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Music serves as a baton in a relay race, spanning generations. David Gilmour, one of the powerhouse talents behind the legendary Pink Floyd, champions Radiohead as the current custodians of the rock music genre.

During a stimulating dialogue with Billboard, David Gilmour revealed his belief that Radiohead has successfully ventured into the artistic terrain that Pink Floyd initially explored. He shared his views, stating,

“Do you see any contemporary bands shouldering the artistic vision of Pink Floyd? It’s not easy to say if any have fully embraced our vision, but several musicians are demonstrating their individuality by pushing music into unexplored territories. A prominent case in point would undeniably be Radiohead.”

Gilmour’s appreciation for the creative output of Thom Yorke’s ensemble is a long-standing and public sentiment.

Back in a 1999 conversation with Q Magazine, when queried about his thoughts on Radiohead’s then recent offering, ‘OK Computer’ from 1997, David Gilmour didn’t hold back his admiration.

At that time, the venerated musician, now in his seventies, declared his enthusiasm for the band, with their prior record, ‘The Bends’ (1995), holding a special place in his heart.

“I am quite taken by Radiohead. They are remarkable. But I must admit, the album that preceded this one holds a unique place for me. What’s its title again? Yes, ‘The Bends’, indeed.”

In the realm of recent news, Pink Floyd has breathed new life into “Dogs” by reimagining the song’s components to align with the cutting-edge “Spatial Audio” technology, a novel concept advanced by Apple Music over the last few years.

It’s also intriguing to highlight that the band has been involved in major financial transactions recently, including the monumental sale of ‘The Wall’ album rights for a hefty sum of $500 million. It seems fitting, therefore, that they’re infusing new vitality into their epochal classics.

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