Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Opinion on Bob Dylan

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Have you ever eaten your food without salt? yes, it tastes very bland and if Bob Dylan never made music then our music world would have been bland as well. We don’t even have to write much about Dylan because he is always recognized as one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Dylan has been in the music industry for more than sixty years now and it is pretty obvious that he has inspired many artists with his music including John Lennon.

Well, certainly Lennon was not the only one Dylan inspired, there are numerous artists and among those artists also comes the legendary guitarist and frontman of the band Pink Floyd, David Gilmour. And as we know that David Gilmour is not afraid or shy to admit that he’s inspired by someone, he always talks about it and likewise, he has given an opinion about the great songwriter Bob Dylan, so what did he say about Dylan? we will discuss this further in the article.

David Gilmour gives his opinion on Bob Dylan

If you are one of the people who are Dylan fan then you might know that before switching to electric guitar, Dylan used to create folk music on the acoustic guitar, however, after he switched to electric many were not pleased about this, however, it was a surprise to Gilmour and he loved the change.

Back in 2006, Gilmour talked about this and told The Guardian, “To me, I was never one of the people who thought Dylan was a monster for going electric. I liked the change.” He further explained, “but I must say the power of the young Dylan as the acoustic-playing protest singer- which he’s always denied. But sorry Bob, you were a protest singer. Just to get his guitar and play to a crowd of people and it’s like an arrow. His words come out and the music. People underestimate his actual musical abilities. And the melodies and the words just shoot out like an arrow. I think he was unbelievable. And is.”

Moreover, Gilmour has also often revealed that he really loves Dylan’s music and is his fan. Speaking to BBC Radio 4 in 2003, Gilmour said that one of his favorite Dylan songs is Ballad In Plain D. Yes, he loved the song to the point that he even said that he’d take this track to a desert island. Furthermore, Gilmour said that Dylan “is wonderful.”

Well, it wasn’t like Gilmour really loved Dylan and Dylan never cared about Gilmour and his band, no, the feeling was and is mutual. They love each other’s work very much.

Bob Dylan really loved Pink Floyd

Dylan seems to not like to talk about other artists and bands which is why we don’t see him talk about others in his interviews, however, Gilmour said in 2003 to Record Collector that they have met a couple of times and Dylan told Gilmour that he really loved Pink Floyd’s track The Dogs. Gilmour said, “The second time we met was around the time of The Delicate Sound Of Thunder. He said (adopts perfect Dylan accent) hey, I love your record, The Dogs, man. I was so thrilled. Not many Pink Floyd fans like this track, but Bob does, so it was OK with me.”

Moreover, he did not only talk about that in the interview but he also revealed that Dylan is really a big influencer to him. Gilmour even admitted that he started loving folk music after listening to Dylan’s tracks. He spoke to BBC Two in 2015 where he said the same thing. He said, “I got Bob Dylan’s first record for my 16th birthday. They (his parents) send me from Greenwich Village (New York). Before that they send me the Peter Seeger’s guitar tutor record, which is my only actual instruction (To play guitar). (It) was with Peter Seeger’s guitar tutor record.”

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