David Gilmour Talks About The Only Time He Saw Pink Floyd Live

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It is known to all that David Gilmour is the frontman of the popular rock band Pink Floyd. Although he is not the founding member, he now is the key member of the band. As per the reports, Gilmour was a school friend of Syd Barrett and Roger Waters. He was invited to join Pink Floyd in 1967 and shortly after he joined, he replaced Barrett the original singer and the frontman of the band.

Well, the band continued to shine for decades and more together, however, the creative differences between Gilmour and Waters affected them and later Waters left the band. After Waters left, it was obvious that they were going to have various difficulties, he was the bassist and co-lead vocalist of the band.

And Gilmour once talked about their hardship after Waters walked off from Pink Floyd. So what obstacles did they face? we will answer this question and more importantly, we will be talking about the only time Gilmour saw Pink Floyd perform live. Well, that is impossible, some might think, and considering the fact that he is the lead vocalist it is really hard to swallow however, he revealed how he saw his band’s live performance, and here you will find out how.

The only time David Gilmour saw Pink Floyd perform live

Before we jump to the Gilmour saw Pink Floyd perform live, let’s discuss what obstacles they had to face right after Roger Waters left the band. Gilmour appeared in the second episode of The Lost Art Of Conversation where he told that they had it rough going back on a tour after Waters left.

During their rehearsal, Gilmour was frustrated because obviously as a band member, they could only perform and could not be in the audience simultaneously, and on top of that Gilmour had to play guitar and sing. And sometimes they would be out of sync.

Well, it is truly sad that Gilmour and Waters could not work out together but even though many people complain about Roger leaving the band, we believe in a saying, everything happens for a reason and surely enough if Waters had not left the band we probably would not have chance to hear his solo masterpieces and he is quite successful even as a solo artist.

Moreover, Gilmour also shared his experience about the only time he saw Pink Floyd perform live. Talking about the band he said that as a band member they never get to see from the audience’s view. However, back in 1977 at Montreal stadium, Gilmour got the opportunity to experience his band’s live performance and see from the audience’s view.

Gilmour revealed, “The only time I’ve ever seen Pink Floyd live was the encore in Montreal stadium in 1977 – the last gig of the Animals tour, the one that Roger spat on someone at, I think. I was so pissed off about something, and I can’t even remember what it was, that I refused to play the encore, and went out to the mixing desk to watch whatever encore it was, with Snowy [White] playing [my] parts. That was the only moment I saw a tiny bit.”

Well, one thing is certain Gilmour is one of the very few people who got to experience his own band’s live performance.

Certainly, Gilmour is one legendary musician, he is the face of Pink Floyd, has been listed as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, and has inspired millions through his music. Gilmour is now 76 years old and it is a bit sad to see our idols getting old however, he is still rocking and we hope to see him tour even if it’s for the one last time.

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