Deryck Whibley Hints At New Heavy Metal Band Plans After Sum 41’s Ending

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In a revealing conversation with Chaoszine, Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 shed light on his musical aspirations beyond the confines of the band, hinting at a potential venture into heavier realms.

When probed about his inclination towards music outside of Sum 41‘s signature style, Whibley contemplated the prospect of forging a heavy metal path: “I’ve always been drawn to the heavy side, to writing metal riffs. They’ve often found their way into Sum 41 songs.

Whether I’d embark on creating a dedicated heavy metal outfit is uncertain. The allure lies in the unknown. The day Sum 41’s tour wraps up, maybe a couple of weeks thereafter, I’ll awaken with the realization that I need to chart a new course. That’s when I’ll truly assess what ignites my passion.”

Whibley’s journey towards this pivotal moment wasn’t without its internal struggles. For half a decade, he grappled with the urge to part ways with Sum 41, wary of appearing ungrateful for the opportunities afforded by the band’s success.

Despite these internal conflicts, Whibley remained dedicated to his craft, channeling his creative energies into Sum 41’s latest offering, ‘Heaven :x: Hell.’ It was only upon completing the album that Whibley found clarity in his decision to step away. Reflecting on the culmination of their musical journey, he remarked, “Listening to it, I felt a sense of fulfillment. This double record, spanning the spectrum from pop-punk to heavier sounds, encapsulates our musical evolution over the years.”

However, Whibley’s departure wasn’t hastily announced. He deliberated for nearly a year before revealing his intentions to his bandmates, opting for an email to articulate his feelings and allow them space for reflection. Their subsequent conversation, conducted over the phone, was characterized by mutual support and understanding.

With the release of ‘Heaven :x: Hell,’ Sum 41 bid farewell to their storied career, marking the end of an era while laying the groundwork for Whibley’s exploration of new musical frontiers. As he ventures into uncharted territory, the allure of uncertainty beckons, promising a journey ripe with creative possibility and personal fulfillment.

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