Did Jimi Hendrix predict his own death? Let’s find out

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On September 18, 1970, a piece of news shocked the whole world, so what news was that? well, the news was about Jimi Hendrix’s death who was the leading rock music star at that time. Furthermore, he was just 27 years old when he died. Apparently, Hendrix, who was under the influence of barbiturates, choked on his own vomit and passed away from suffocation.

Although it was said an accidental death, there are many conspiracy theories regarding the legendary guitarist’s death. There are people who believe it was a suicide while some believe that Hendrix was killed by the underworld. And the really shocking part is that Hendrix somehow seemed to know that he will get an unnatural death.

Talking about Hendrix’s statement, many people believe that he predicted his own death, so what statement did he give? and why do people believe that he predicted his death? this is what we will be discussing in this piece.

Did Jimi Hendrix know when he will die?

Hendrix once said that he is going to die young. As per the reports back in 1969, Hendrix was in Morocco where he went and visited a clairvoyant. And during a tarot card reading the card of death rolled furthermore, The Independent reported that Hendrix told his friend, “I’m going to die before I’m 30.”

Interestingly enough just two days before his death he again told to a reporter named Sharon Lawrence, “I’m almost gone.” However, this was not the only time he said that he is going to die young, he also wrote a song where he said the same thing. In Hendrix’s 1969 released song “The Ballad of Jimi.” The starting lyrics of the song start with, “This is a song dedicated to the memory of my best friend. His name was Jimi.” Furthermore, the song itself is about a guy named Jimi who knew he will die.

Even a day before his death he indicated that he knew he was going to die. The day before his death he went out with his friends to have a drink and returned home however, later he called his manager Chas Chandler and the last words Hendrix said was, “I need help bad, man.”

Well, looking at it, it does seem like Jimi predicted his own death but was it just a coincidence? was his death accidental or was it a suicide? or was he killed by the mafia? that nobody knows. Although some people argue that the prediction and the way he died was just a coincidence but that also arise the question, how can someone predict his death more than once? because Hendrix did not just say it once but multiple times.

Hendrix returned home with his girlfriend Monika Dannemann and slept. Later around 11 am, Monika tried waking Jimi up but although breathing, he was unconscious so she called an ambulance, they took Hendrix to St Mary Abbots Hospital, and at 12:45 pm he was pronounced dead by Dr. John Bannister. Furthermore, Since Monika was with Hendrix the day and night before he died, many people even suspect that she killed him.

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