Disturbed Drummer Wishes To Replace Charlie Benante In Pantera

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Recently, during Knotfest Australia, Disturbed’s drummer Mike Wengren shared the stage with Pantera, sparking discussions about the possibility of him filling in for Pantera’s current drummer, Charlie Benante, in the future.

In a candid interview with The Break Down With Nath & Johnny, Wengren expressed his admiration for Benante’s drumming prowess while also hinting at his readiness to step into the role if the opportunity arose:

“Honestly, if they told me, like, somebody took Charlie out tonight, I think I could step in. Actually, you know what? Let me make sure I clarify this. All respect to Charlie, ’cause he’s killin it, man.”

Wengren highlighted Benante’s dedication to capturing the essence of Vinnie Paul’s drumming style and acknowledged the challenge of replicating such an iconic sound. However, he expressed confidence in his familiarity with Pantera’s catalog, suggesting he could proficiently handle around 80 percent of the band’s setlist if called upon.

Meanwhile, in a separate interview, Dream Theater’s Mike Portnoy addressed speculation about his potential involvement with Pantera as a drummer. Portnoy, while expressing his willingness to take on the role, emphasized his belief that Benante is the perfect fit for the position:

“You’d have to ask those guys; I have no idea. Obviously, I would have done it in a heartbeat of ass, but Charlie is absolutely the right guy for the gig.”

Portnoy also reflected on his past collaborations with Pantera members Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo, indicating his contentment with those experiences and his support for Benante’s current role in the band.

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