Don Henley And Glenn Frey Divided Eagles Into Two Camps

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In a recent chat with Rock History Music, Bill Szymczyk, the renowned producer for the Eagles, opened up about the internal rifts that shaped the dynamics of the legendary band. He shed light on how the band seemed divided into two distinct groups.

On one side was the duo of Don and Glenn, while the other represented the guitarists. Timothy B. Schmit, being the new addition to the band at the time, often found himself stuck in the middle of these camps.

Szymczyk nostalgically recounted the “Hotel California” days when the band members would typically reside in one house in Miami during their recordings. However, as the rifts deepened during “The Long Run” sessions, the need arose for two separate accommodations.

Glenn and Don took one, while Felder, Walton, and Timothy occupied the other. This division even reflected in their transportation choices, moving from shared rides to every member having individual cars.

Post “The Long Run,” things escalated. Don Felder had a public disagreement with Henley and Frey over equal representation in the band.

The tension peaked during a 1980 concert, resulting in a fierce confrontation between Felder and Frey. This eventually paved the way for the band’s hiatus until they reunited in 1994.

After Glenn Frey’s passing in 2017, the band reunited once more, gearing up for their grand farewell tour titled “The Long Goodbye.” The tour, set to begin in New York on September 7, will have Steely Dan warming up the stage. Check out the complete schedule for more details.


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