Duff McKagan To Join AC/DC As Bassist On 2024 World Tour

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Comedian Dean Delray, a known enthusiast of AC/DC and a figure familiar with the band through his music covers and interviews with its members, recently broke some significant news about AC/DC’s much-anticipated 2024 tour. Delray disclosed that bassist Cliff Williams will not be joining the tour this year.

In a post from January 27, Delray shared:

“I got word from a trusted source last night that AC/DC will be hitting the road with a new bass player this year. I won’t spill the beans on who it is – I’ll leave that to AC/DC. But I’ll share this: Cliff Williams told me himself on my podcast three years ago that he wouldn’t be touring anymore. It’s surprising that this didn’t catch on with the fans at the time.”

He also expressed his gratitude towards Williams:

“I want to take a moment to express my deep appreciation for Cliff’s over 40 years of delivering solid bass lines and unforgettable grooves. Much love to you, brother.”

The upcoming tour announcement by AC/DC on Monday will confirm that Cliff Williams is stepping aside, and Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses fame will be taking over bass duties.

Cliff Williams had previously announced his retirement following the ‘Rock Or Bust’ tour in 2015-2016, a period which also saw Brian Johnson leave due to hearing issues, with Axl Rose filling in for the remainder of the tour.

In a conversation with Delray in 2020, Williams elaborated on his decision to retire, which was influenced by Johnson’s exit but had been considered earlier:

“I had a talk with Angus [Young] at the start of the ‘Rock Or Bust’ tour. I felt it was time for me to step back. I wanted to avoid hindering the band’s future plans, knowing I wasn’t up for the long tours anymore.”

Reflecting on his decision to end touring, Williams remarked:

“Finishing that tour was challenging. We owe a lot to Axl for stepping in. He did an incredible job. By the end of it, I knew my touring days were over. It was time to call it quits.”

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