19 Easy Bass Songs for Beginners (Update 2023)

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Learning to play bass guitars? If you’ve just begun your bass journey then mastering some easy songs will help you start.

Playing a new instrument is never easy, so choosing songs that are easy to master goes a long way. To learn the instrument you should always start with the basics or your learning rhythm will break and you’ll have a tough time recovering it.

If the song is easy and comfortable for you to use then you’ll get joy while playing the guitar. This will sharpen your guitar skills and you’ll also have fun while playing the instrument. Let’s take a look at some of the easy bass songs that you can learn!

Longview by Greenday 

When it comes to the punk rock genre, Greenday always comes at the top of the list. The group has won 5 Grammy Awards wins and 75 million albums sold worldwide which makes them a well-known band. But slowly they started to change their music genre from punk rock to pop and alternative style.

Longview is another perfect song to boost you up in your bass journey. If you want to try something more interesting than the regular songs, then this is the perfect song to master.

You’ll be focusing on the main intervals of the songs where you’ll need to handle the melody. To learn this song you’ll have to play the 3rd and 4th strings together, let the 3rd string out while the melody of the song is being played on the 4th.

Another One Bites The dust by Queen

If you’re into swag then Another One Bites The Dust is the perfect song to listen to, the song’s bass part is what will inspire you to wear tight pair of jeans.

Taking look at the members of Queen, each of them was a talented individual. From guitars to drums, to voice, we could hear the signature talent of each member when we play Queen’s songs. Talking about bass lines, Another One Bites The Dust is the one where we can see the hooky bass lines of John Deacon.

If you’re looking for some cool bass lines but also want easier ones then give a try to Another One Bites the Dust.

Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

If you want to learn some catchy and groovy basslines then consider playing Smooth Criminal by King of the pop.

Jackson might not have had any idea of how to play instruments, but he sure was a talented individual. His songs kept on giving hit, after another hit, and this couldn’t have been possible without the help of Quincy Jones.

His songs are just masterpieces in the music industry and no other song can portray the groovy bass lines as Smooth Criminal does. You’ll have lots of fun while playing the song’s bass because it is fun to play and has an interesting choice of notes.

You might have some difficulty while trying to play because of the fast tempo, but after a few tries, you’ll perfect it in no time.

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana 

You’re trying to learn some bass lines from famous songs? Why not give a try to Nirvana’s biggest single from their Nevermind album?

Smells Like Teen Spirit is arguably one of the best songs in the world. After the release of Smells Like Teen Spirit, they did a sale of roughly 6 million and when the official video got released, it got about 1.3 billion views on youtube.

The chorus of the song contains high energy and even the riff is strong which might seem difficult but trust us after a few tries you’ll master the bass lines in no time. If you’re a beginner who trynna hit a rock bass, then what’s stopping you?

Yellow by Coldplay 

With seven Grammy Awards and nine Brit Awards, over 100 million albums sold worldwide, Coldplay is just the perfect band for alternative rock, pop-rock, alternative pop, or whatever you want to call them.

In their 25 years of journey, they have produced some of the best songs and Yellow is easily one of their signature songs. If you’re a fan of Coldplay then starting your bass journey through Yellow can be perfect because there are hardly any difficulties while playing the instrument.

The progression of the song is very easy and you’ll have no difficulties mastering the song. Yellow is played at a slow BPM which is perfect to give you good consistency on your guitar.

You Really Got Me by The Kinks

You Really Got Me will always be knowns as the signature song of The Kinks.

The song has the best riffs of Eddie. If you are into songs that have a punch in their melody then try learning this masterpiece. The bass of the song is east and it has the perfect aggressive and pitch harmonics.

You can really use this song at any time. If you want to show off your skills, went for a rehearsal, jam session, and anything else. there isn’t a NY reason why people won’t learn this song.

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People 

The year 2010 was known for modern artists and ‘Pumped Up’ by Foster The People was the song that was heard by almost everyone.

This was one step ahead of success for the band, the next year they secured a record deal in 2011 and got the opportunity to work with one of the most talented musicians, deadmau5.

When you take a look at the bass lines of Pumped Up Kicks, you can find the bass lines pretty simple, so simple that bass masters can master them perfectly and sound like advanced players.

You’ll have lots of guns while playing the music, it has upbeat music, and it is played at a fast tempo (128bpm). You’ll need some precise playing if you want to master it, so get out of your comfort zone and master it right now!

All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor  

All About That Bass, who doesn’t remember this popular single hit from Meghan Trainor?

The song is beautiful and it is even fun to play on your guitar because has the ability to teleport players back to the music era of the 1960s. The rhythm and the melody of the song will make you keep on jumping.

The structure of the bass is also easy. If you’re having trouble learning all of them at once then try to practice the timing of your bass. After you’ll master the timing, you’ll be able to play the bass in no time!

The best part is, you’ll only need three chords to master the bass of this song.

Money by Pink Floyd

If you’re trying to learn a bass song that is also mixed with modern pop culture then you should try looking after bands like Pink Floyd. Every song of Pink Floyd is unique in various ways and Floyd’s, “Money” is also unique because of its distinct bassline.

The song is easy to play on your bass and also has a unique time signature of 5/4 and 7/4. Many people who usually play ¾ and 4/4 might have some problems while learning the bass at first but after ew practice you’ll master it in no time.

This will also help you to sharpen your skills and get you out of your comfort zone so you can play any bass lines. The song is fun to play and you won’t even forget the rhythm of the bass lines because they are catchy.

I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown

James Brown’s 1965 masterpiece, ‘I Got You’ contains one of the most unforgettable tunes. It is so beautiful that many film industries have included some portion of the song in their movie and according to Rolling Stone Magazine, it is the 78th greatest song ever to grace mankind.

The song gives you an idea of how a bass should be actually played. The original tune might contain some weight in the instrument but it still sounds gorgeous on your guitar.

‘I Got You’ might need some practice to master it because it contains multiple finger movements, so you’ll need to be flexible with your fingers. It’s not a song to give up just because it has the same hard-finger involvements. In fact, it is a chance to sharpen your skills by practicing each day.

If you want to get famous among your friend group, this is the perfect choice to play!

Come Together by The Beatles

Could The Beatles band be any more perfect? The group has some of the best songs to listen and to enjoy. Decades have passed away and still a vast number of audiences listen to their song each day.

If you’re also a fan of The Beatles and want to follow in the footsteps of Paul McCartney then you have to start learning “Come Together”.

If you’re starting your journey as a bassist then you have to consider playing ‘Come Together.’ It is useful because it’ll help you to sharpen your skills and you’ll feel easy learning new lessons, and if you’re trying to learn some new tricks on your guitar then this is the perfect song.

Chameleon by Herbie Hancock

If you’re trying to pursue your path to be an aspiring bass guitarist, then this is the perfect song to sharpen your skills and make a good impression in front of your friends.

Chameleon is one of the must-learn songs in your bass. It is the perfect one for a starter because the song consists funky beat and has specific bass lines which are easier to remember and master in no time.

The duration of the song is pretty long at 15 minutes and 41 seconds, but don’t lose hope yet. Throughout the whole song only two chords are played, Eb7 and Bbm7. You’ll only have to the basic patterns and you’ll master the song in no time. Don’t underestimate these two chords because they are essential for fingerstyle practice as well.

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

When you listen to the song for the first time. the bass lines might seem a little tough to you, but after some practice and dedication, you’ll be able to play one of the best lines in the world.

When you’ll start to learn this song, the bass line will get glued in your mind and you’ll start humming the tune the whole time. You’ve to get credit for Louis Johnson for his bass skills. Although he is not with us today, his masterpiece will always remain with us.

The song is played in standard tuning and even the fingerstyle is easy. This is a merit for the players because the song will also sharpen their fingerstyle skills. You might get some problems while doing the movement of the song because it is played at a fast tempo.

Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down

All the respect goes to 3 Doors Down for making such a sung with a unique rhythm and groove. When you play the song you can just differentiate the excellent bass skills of Todd Harrell. The timing and melody of the song are just perfect.

The song is an excellent choice for beginners. They will love the bass verse and the intro of the song, another reason why you should pick thing is that it is easy to play the chorus and the pattern is very easy as well.

If you want to take out the original tune of the song then we recommend you play an electric bass guitar. When you use electric bass guitar, it will do the perfect mimicry of the song and you can even operate the same fingerstyle in your guitar.

Under Pressure by Queen

When you listen to Under Pressure and Vanilla Ice you’ll find John Deacon’s signature rhythms matching with each other. We don’t blame them for having similar rhythms because John Deacon has been an inspiration for most artists.

When we take a look at Under Pressure, we can find similar rhythms and the same melody structure as they do in most of their movies! If you want to learn a song with a stable bass foundation then under Pressure will be the right choice for you.

Seven Nation Army by White Stripes

If you’re searching for a song that has a recognizable and easy bassline then you should stop scrolling right here. “Seven Nation Army” is a perfect art of Jack White where he uses a hollow body guitar and plays the tune in low E which matches completely with the drumbeat.

The song is perfect for beginners, it is fun to play and even simpler to learn. Anyone can play the bass line of the song just by tuning their guitar down. You’ll only have to  7 notes, most of the notes are tuned in A string. After some practice, it won’t be a big problem for you.

The players might find difficulty while trying to do the movement of the fretting fingers. After a few lessons and practice, you won’t even consider that minor thing a problem.

Stand By Me by Ben E. King

Give a close look at the tunes when you listen to Stand By Me. You’ll notice the song is a perfectionist because of its bass line. The song is so great that there are radio stations dedicated to this musical art. The lyrics might sound odd at first but remember that almost 6 decades have passed since it was released, and it is still considered a masterpiece.

The beginners will find it fun while playing the bass lines, and it is also easy and there’s no need for complicated tuning. You just need to break the song into four sections and it will be easier for players to learn the bass in a perfect way.

When you break down the sections of the bass, you’ll get the confidence to play the song. The best thing about the songs is,m even if you play the bass only, the song will still sound amazing.

Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

Bob Marley was a legend in the music world. Many people might not be a fan of Boby Marley’s music but the real music artist knows how Bob Marley made a huge impact on the world of music. And one of his most popular songs that left a mark on the world was “Three Little Birds”.

the hit song of 1977 was popular because many famous artists tried to do the cover of the song. If you want to cover the bass of this song then, it’s not hard and any beginner can learn and master this song.

While learning the song you will also sharpen your skills in fingerpicking and you can even perfect your sliding technique. These are some vital roles of bass if you wanna develop a good career in it. The song is just a perfect choice for everything.

Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins

If you’re seeking a bassline from the alternative rock group then “Tonight, Tonight” by The Smashing Pumpkins will give you the perfect catchy tune and a feel-good vibe.

The song has a unique and cinematic sound in it, and when you’ll listen to this song for the first time, you won’t find any difficulties after listening to the bass line of it. The only thing that beginners can find difficult is catching up with its fast tempo.

The fast tempo can prove to be quite tricky but with difficulties, you’ll learn new chapters. While learning to make the song perfect, you will also learn the art to pick the right strings. The song has the easiest bass line you can find, so just go for it!

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