Elton John hospitalized in emergency after accident in his own home

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Sir Elton John, the legendary voice behind hits such as “Rocket Man”, faced an unfortunate incident at his plush villa in Nice, France. He was hospitalized following a fall. Thankfully, after an overnight stay at the prestigious Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco, he was deemed fit for discharge.

Confirming his well-being, a spokesperson for the 76-year-old musical maestro relayed to the BBC that Sir Elton’s health was reassuringly stable post the mishap.

Before this unexpected turn, Sir Elton was spotted soaking in the serenity aboard his yacht. This break followed his remarkable performance at Glastonbury, a testament to his unwavering talent. From there, he had traveled to his villa in Nice, where the accident took place.

In an official statement, his representative stated, “After a minor mishap at his residence in the scenic south of France, Sir Elton felt it prudent to get a medical assessment.

Having undergone routine evaluations, he left the hospital this morning. We’re grateful to confirm that he’s back at his home and his health is not a concern.”

This incident comes in the wake of Sir Elton’s decision to bid adieu to the live stage. In his emotional farewell, he voiced his gratitude for the unparalleled “52 years of joy” that his fans have showered upon him.

His awe-inspiring “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour was a testament to his indomitable spirit and unmatched legacy. With 330 concerts, selling out venues worldwide, he amassed a whopping $939 million. Adding another feather to his cap, he enthralled fans at Glastonbury 2023, marking his territory on the Pyramid Stage.

His curtain call on July 9 in Stockholm, Sweden was deeply poignant. Addressing the sea of faces, he remarked, “For over five decades, you’ve been the wind beneath my wings. The records, the tapes, the CDs — they all carried memories. But most of all, it’s your presence at my concerts that fueled my passion.”

Though he has stepped back from live performances, hints of future music releases linger in the air. However, his current priority is crystal clear: cherishing moments with his beloved children and his partner in all things, David Furnish.

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