Eric Clapton Shares His Genuine Views on Roger Waters Amidst Ongoing Debate

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In a recent discussion with The Real Music Observer, Eric Clapton shared insights into his wavering support for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. due to controversies surrounding Roger Waters.

Clapton mentioned considering retracting his endorsement of Kennedy over a performance at a private event.

This stemmed from RFK Jr.’s tweet supporting Waters, which was later withdrawn. Clapton expressed his unease with the retraction, especially since it related to Waters’ views on Israel-Palestine relations.

“There was a moment of doubt when he pulled back that tweet about Roger, given Roger’s perspective on Middle East politics,” said Clapton. “With Robert voicing his pro-Israel stance, and considering the Kennedys have historically aligned with Israel, it did give me pause.”

Eric Clapton referenced an incident where Kennedy was asked about his views on the Israel-Palestine situation. The musician stated that his initial reaction was a snap judgment, but after revisiting the incident, he felt there was more nuance than he’d initially thought.

“Upon revisiting the clip, a reporter had cornered Robert, probing him about the tweet withdrawal and his stance. Yet, when the topic shifted to Palestine, Robert’s reply indicated hope for their aspirations. That offered a slight reassurance,” Clapton added.

Clapton also touched upon how Waters’ perspective on Israel is often misinterpreted. He highlighted an essay by Kennedy’s advisor, Charles Eisenstein, who, despite clashing with Kennedy on the Israel-Palestine issue, continues to support him due to his potential as a leader and belief in the possibility of change.

The initial tweet by Kennedy endorsing Waters led to criticism from the Jewish community. However, despite his reservations, Clapton remains scheduled to perform at an exclusive event for RFK Jr.

Reports also indicate that Clapton’s financial backing for RFK Jr.’s campaign faced some hurdles.

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