Eric Clapton’s Love Letters Sent To Pattie Boyd Will Be Sold At Auction

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Pattie Boyd, a famous model caught in a love triangle with George Harrison and Eric Clapton, is about to share a captivating story of love and yearning from the rock and roll scene. She’s decided to part with a treasure trove of personal items, including precious letters from Clapton, marking a significant chapter in her life.

Boyd, who was married to George Harrison for over a decade, has made the tough choice to sell more than 100 personal items, among them heartfelt letters penned by Clapton during his passionate pursuit of her love. She revealed to the New York Times that letting go was hard, saying, “Eric wrote the most beautiful letters, but reading them hurts too much now.

In one letter from 1970, Clapton poured out his emotions, asking, “Do you still love your husband, or is there someone else?” These words give a glimpse into the depth of their romance and Clapton’s unwavering feelings.

Another letter from 1971 showed Clapton’s plea, “If you don’t want me, release me from this spell. Capturing a wild heart is wrong, setting it free is divine.” Such sincere words reveal the complexity of their bond and Clapton’s longing for Boyd.

Clapton affectionately called Boyd “Layla” or just “L,” which inspired his famous song “Layla” with Derek and the Dominos in 1971. Boyd recalled her reaction to the song, saying, “I knew instantly it was about me. It was intense and amazing, but also made me nervous about George understanding its meaning.”

Boyd’s impact went beyond music, inspiring Harrison’s Beatles hit “Something” and Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight.” Her influence on these iconic musicians is undeniable, shaping the rock and roll landscape.

The auction of these cherished letters is expected to draw bids of around $19,000 each, highlighting their historical value and the enduring allure of rock romance. Alongside the letters, personal items like photographs, clothing, and jewelry from Boyd’s life will be up for bidding, offering a rare peek into a rock muse’s world. The auction, running until March 22, presents a chance to own a piece of music history and preserve Clapton’s heartfelt expressions to Pattie Boyd.

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