Watch: Foo Fighters Frontman Dave Grohl Attended A Post Malone Concert

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Dave is the coolest person ever. You guys could be walking down somewhere on the street and he could be there casually with his fans, better chance you could even find him goofing around in restrooms. Lol, jokes aside, Dave was recently seen at a Post Malone concert.

This is not the first time Dave has attended a concert as a generic usual fan. Back in 2017, he was spotted at Metallica Concert among the crow in the Snake Pit. This has been an emotional year for Dave as he lost his bandmate, Taylor Hawkins, in March. Due to that, he didn’t make that many public appearances.

And now, seems like he has recovered enough to enjoy what’s going around. Dave was pictured dancing and hanging out with Post Maline in his Los Angeles gig. Post Malone is not shy when it comes to his love for rock, metal, and guitar. He has been to an Iron Maiden concert and has covered lots of rock songs.

His finest moment was in April of 2020 when he live-streamed a 15-song set of Nirvana. It was alongside Travis Barker, Brian Lee on bass, and Nick Mac as the guitarist. It was in the heat of the pandemic as a benefit for the UN’s COVID-19 Solidarity Relief Fund. After a few months, Dave praised his effort. He was talking with radio station ALT 98.7 when he revealed,

“They were killing it. So I watched a bunch of it. I was, like, ‘That was really cool.’ I don’t get to see other people do Nirvana songs often, and he seemed perfectly comfortable with it, and it sounded great … Even the die-hard Nirvana people that I know were, like, ‘Dude, he’s kind of killing it right now.'”

It was also revealed that Post Malone had asked for permission from Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of the late Kurt Cobain. The song consisted of ‘Lounge Act’, Heart-Shaped Box’, and ‘On A Plain’.

Dave Grohl is the man. His appearance wasn’t the only surprising thing there. he even partied with the audience. Post has hung out with many other rock stars like Gatecreeper’s Chase Mason and now, Dave Grohl. Malone wrapped up his 12 Carat Tour by bringing out a lot of people backstage. The last 2 days were filled with Orville Peck, Dave Grohl, The Kid Laroi, MCR, Youth Code, and many more.

Adam Degross, the personal photographer for Post Malone shared in his Instagram post that Dave was among the few celebrities who attended the concert.
Here is the picture of Dave and Post together along with Dave’s epic dance.

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