Foo Fighters’ song Dave Grohl said “might be the best”

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Dave Grohl who is now the frontman, guitarist, and vocalist of the popular rock band Foo Fighters started his music career as a drummer before he formed his band. He is a definition of raw talent because he did not take any special music classes but taught himself to become a drummer and later forced himself to become a songwriter.

He formed Foo Fighters after Nirvana disbanded following the tragic death of Kurt Cobain. Grohl has stated that a certain song from his band might be the best. Find what song Dave Grohl thinks is the best below in the article.

Foo Fighters’ best song according to Dave Grohl

As mentioned, Grohl originally was not a singer nor was he a songwriter although he has co-written a few songs while he was on Nirvana. He switched from being a drummer to singer/songwriter and guitarist after forming Foo Fighters. And obviously, everyone tries to give and create the best thing they can so Grohl also hoped for creating or making the best music and song he could.

And certainly, it was not easy suddenly switching the gear but he did it anyways. Furthermore, Grohl has been able to give a very hit list of songs including The Pretender, Learn To Fly, Best Of You, Everlong, and more. However, Grohl does not think of any of these as Foo Fighters’ best songs.

According to Grohl “These Days” might be the best song he has written and it also happens to be one of his favorite songs from the band. This song is from their 2011 album Wasting Light and speaking to Q Magazine Grohl said that this “might be the best song I’ve ever written.” Furthermore, back in 2015 when he was in an interview with Entertainment Weekly he said, “Every night I sing it, I still get choked up.” He also added that this is also his special and unforgettable song.

Dave Grohl has shown us that with hard work and dedication we can achieve things that we don’t even think are possible. Well, let’s just think about it for a second, do you think that he ever thought of becoming a singer when he was in Nirvana? he did contribute co-writing in a few of their songs but still he was doing great as a drummer so chances are he never thought of making a change.

It was until Nirvana broke up that Grohl made a tough decision to change the track. With the help of producer Barrett Jones at Robert Lang Studios, Grohl wrote and recorded the first or debut album all by himself. And their debut album Foo Fighters was quite a hit album although it was not much success compared to the success Grohl had in his previous band Nirvana.

However, he kept sharpening his songwriting skill and eventually would become one of the greatest songwriters of our generation. His written song “Everlong” was even praised by great musicians like Bob Dylan. Grohl told Uncut that he talked to Dylan and Dylan told him that their song Everlong is really great. Furthermore, Dylan even said that he should do that song. And talking about Everlong is a song Grohl wrote about his then-girlfriend Louise Post.

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