Queen’s Freddie Mercury Last Words to the World

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Freddie Mercury is definitely one of the greatest singers and musicians of all time. He not only had a powerful voice but he could also control the audience like no other artist. We can imagine how versatile of a musician he was just by watching Queen’s live performance on Live Aid.

Queen did not become the legendary and one-of-a-kind band for nothing. Queen had a super-talented musician Freddie Mercury along with other musical genius members Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon. Freddie along with other members of the band formed Queen back in 1970 and they are still one of the most popular rock bands of all time.

Furthermore, Queen is also listed as one of the best-selling bands of all time with three hundred records sold globally. Certainly, Queen would have been a much bigger band if Freddie was still alive. The frontman of the band died on November 24, 1991, due to complications of AIDS. And although Freddie is dead, his legacy still lives and his fans want to know what were his final days like and what was his last words. So this piece will discuss Freddie Mercury’s final days and his last words.

What were Freddie Mercury’s last words?

Before starting let me warn you that Freddie’s final days were brutal and it is really sad and heartbreaking to read them. So, make sure if you really want to read or not. With that being said let’s begin with how Freddie spent his final days.

Freddie spent his last days with his partner Jim Hutton and his ex-girlfriend Mary Austin. Freddie’s partner Jim released a book called Mercury and Me where he explained what Freddie’s final moments were like. Before Freddie died he along with Jim went on holiday to Switzerland however, after they returned Jim started noticing that Freddie’s condition had worsened.

Freddie would sleep and watch television at Garden Lodge with his loved ones. Furthermore, talking about the Queen, after their show in Knebworth in 1986 they did not perform any live shows however, they were still busy recording the new album. Moreover, people saw Freddie before his death last time in the music video for “These Are The Days Of Our Lives.”

Jim said that on November 21 he knew that Freddie’s time is coming. Talking about Freddie’s last night Jim wrote in his book, “I knew that the end was very near. That night I took special care of him. He dozed and I lay next to him on top of the bed. He only had to elbow me gently and I’d be awake if he wanted anything.” He also revealed that Freddie would often ask him if he loved him.

The day Freddie died, he woke at 6 in the morning and said “Pee, Pee.” It was the final words Freddie ever spoke, he was so weak that he needed help in the bathroom. Jim then took him to the bathroom and carried him to his bed however, when he put him down Jim heard a cracking sound of Freddie’s bone.

Jim wrote in his book, “It sounded like one of Freddie’s bones breaking, cracking like the branch of a tree. He screamed out in pain and went into a convulsion.” Jim immediately called the doctor and the doctor stayed there all evening. However, after the doctor left Jim changed Freddie’s clothes, and soon after Freddie took his last breath.

Jim said, “As I was changing Freddie into a clean T-shirt and pair of boxer shorts, I felt him try to raise his left leg to help a little. It was the last thing he did. I looked down at him, knowing he was dead. I can remember the expression on his face – and when I go to sleep every night, it’s still there in front of me, He looked radiant. One minute he was a boy with a gaunt, sad little face, and the next he was a picture of ecstasy. Freddie’s whole face went back to everything it had been before. He looked finally and totally at peace. Seeing him like that made me happy in my sadness. I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. I knew that he was no longer in pain.”

Furthermore, Brian May’s wife Anita Dobson also recalled and said that Freddie would always say to her, “When I can’t sing anymore darling, then I will die. I will drop dead.” And it was just like he said, until he couldn’t Freddie was recording new songs. Moreover, Freddie announced that he had AIDS just 24 hours before his death, and talking about it Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor said, “It was announced before he died but he did not want to be the object of pity or scrutiny and within 24 hours it was gone. It was probably perfect timing. Bloody good move I thought.”

After Freddie’s death, his partner Jim lived with Freddie’s memory til January 2010. Nearly 19 years after Freddie died, Jim passed away due to liver cancer. He died just two days after his 45th birthday.

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