Geddy Lee Says Rush Refused To Be Next Led Zeppelin

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In a recent interview with Toronto Life, Geddy Lee of Rush shared insights into the band’s artistic choices and influences. Lee emphasized that despite industry pressure to be more commercial like Led Zeppelin or Bad Company, Rush maintained their unique path, notably with their concept album ‘2112’, focusing on space themes.

Addressing comments about his distinctive singing style, Lee acknowledged his admiration for hard-rock vocalists like Steve Marriott and Robert Plant. He noted that while he has worked on expanding his vocal range, Rush’s core fans appreciate his high-pitched singing.

Additionally, Lee reflected on Led Zeppelin’s significant impact on Rush. He recounted an experience from his youth, where he and his bandmates were awestruck by Zeppelin’s debut album, particularly songs like ‘Good Times Bad Times’ and ‘Communication Breakdown’. Lee praised Zeppelin for their innovative approach to music, transcending the label of heavy metal with their diverse sound.

Lee also shared a personal memory of attending a Led Zeppelin concert in Toronto, describing it as a magical experience and one of his favorite concert memories. This event was so significant for him and his friends that they stayed up all night to secure tickets.

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