Geddy Lee’s Heartfelt Awareness About Alex Lifeson: “He’s In Pain”

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Rush’s potential comeback has been making waves in recent news. It’s clear the iconic band has faced a tough journey, particularly after losing Neil Peart.

Even before this tragic loss, the band grappled with internal challenges. Notably, guitarist Alex Lifeson revealed in 2015 his decade-long battle with arthritis. For someone whose art revolves around deft fingerwork and standing for extended hours, this diagnosis was synonymous with enduring significant pain.

Geddy Lee, the band’s frontman, acknowledged Lifeson’s pain in an interview with the Montreal Gazette in 2015. Asked if he would’ve known about Lifeson’s condition had it not been public, Lee responded, “No, he’s playing fantastically. Yet, I’m aware of his pain. He’s pushing past it, but the issue persists. It’s probably why he was keen on touring sooner.”

The aforementioned tour was the last one for Rush, especially since Peart succumbed to cancer in 2020. Despite these setbacks, including Lifeson’s arthritis, insiders close to Lee hinted at the possibility of Rush reuniting for their golden anniversary.


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