The Reason Gene Simmons choose The Beatles Instead Of The Rolling Stones

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There is nothing that excites fans more to hear one musical star praising their favorite music star or band. And there are many rivalries between various rock bands. Well, forget two different bands, there are various bands whose own members have feuds but we are not talking about feuds or rivalries today so let’s just focus on the topic.

As mentioned, fans love it when one music star praises others, and people have mixed feelings especially when it comes to the most iconic rock band ever, the Beatles. There are many who love them and there are also some musicians like Quincy Jones who didn’t like the band.

The Beatles have influenced millions of people and many musicians and people wished to be like them, and among the list of those musicians also comes the co-lead singer of Kiss, Gene Simmons. A few years back Gene went on or appear on Howie Mandel Does Stuff where he said he would choose the Beatles over the Rolling Stones.

Gene Simmons wanted to create their own version of the Beatles

Both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were the top rock bands of the 60s and they both had their own music style. While the Rolling Stones had only one lead singer or vocalist, members of the Beatles were all giving their vocals to various songs well, John and Paul were the usual ones but still, George and Ringo had their fair share of songs.

Mostly the Beatles’ members would sing their compositions on their own. And as mentioned the Rolling Stones had only one lead singer, Mick Jagger. However, Keath Richards would also sing the Rolling Stones’ few songs so he is considered the secondary vocalist of the band.

And Gene Simmons was not a fan of Kiss’ vocalist’s criteria, on the other hand, he really loved the idea that every band member had a chance to give their song a vocal. When Simmons appeared on Howie Mandel Does Stuff he stated that they (Kiss) wanted to create their own version of the Beatles by giving every member a chance to sing and help with the song-making process.

Simmons explained when he was asked about the Beatles, “Actually, we thought in our deluded way that it was going to be the Beatles on steroids. Here’s what I mean. When you validate something for yourself, it is like a self-fulfilling prophecy; it doesn’t mean it is actually so, but in our deluded minds, [it was] ‘let’s do our version of the Beatles where everybody is a star, everybody in the band could get to sing lead songs,’ which was the case.”

While Kiss is really amazing and one of the greatest bands ever, this really shows how big of an influencer and inspiration the Beatles are to not only their fans but to other musicians. Not only Gene Simmons or Kiss but there are many music artists and bands who have been inspired by the Beatles. Which shows that the Beatles were really rock stars.

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