Ghost: Tobias Forge names the bands that are ‘The future of rock’

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Ghost recently graced the cover of the 439th issue of the Spanish magazine “La Heavy.” In the interview, the band’s vocalist Tobias Forge discussed their latest studio release and highlighted some emerging bands he believes are shaping the future of the music industry.

On March 11, the heavy metal ensemble released their fifth album, titled ‘Impera,’ following up on 2018’s ‘Prequelle.’

The album’s central theme explores the “rise and fall of empires,” set in a futuristic context centuries ahead of the 14th-century Black Death era. This theme builds upon concepts explored in Ghost’s previous album.

Forge not only delved into the details of ‘Impera’ and its key tracks but also openly discussed the new bands he sees as representing the rock genre’s future.

He specifically mentioned Greta Van Fleet and Måneskin as examples. Forge expressed his excitement about these bands, highlighting their emergence within the past few years and their contributions to the world of rock music.

He emphasized the significance of new talents playing rock, underlining that these bands are a crucial part of the genre’s evolution.

Additionally, Forge had previously praised the Italian band Måneskin, particularly for their victory in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Zitti E Buoni.”

He acknowledged their uniqueness and impact on the contest, describing them as a breath of fresh air due to their energetic rock performance.

Forge noted that their victory marked a standout moment in the Eurovision Song Contest’s history and celebrated their contribution to the music scene.

In summary, Ghost’s recent magazine cover story featured insights from Tobias Forge about their latest album ‘Impera,’ along with his appreciation for the bands Greta Van Fleet and Måneskin, which he sees as pivotal to the future of rock music.

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