Glenn Hughes Decides Not To Sing Deep Purple Songs Anymore

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In an exclusive interview with Metal & Rock Zone, Glenn Hughes made a significant announcement regarding his future touring plans, revealing that his current tour would mark the final occasion he performs Deep Purple tracks.

Since departing from Deep Purple in 1976, Hughes has directed his focus towards his solo endeavors, embarking on numerous solo tours and releasing his own music. Last year saw the commencement of his solo tour titled ‘Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live – Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of The Album Burn,’ where he showcased songs from Deep Purple’s ‘Burn’ album and selections from the MKIII and MKIV eras. However, Hughes has made the decision to retire these performances.

During the interview, Hughes delved into his musical trajectory and disclosed his intention to permanently conclude the Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live tours. He articulated:

“The inclusion of Deep Purple songs in this setlist will come to a close in November, by the end of November, and thereafter, this chapter will be sealed shut. There’s a finite number of shows I can dedicate to this particular showcase. While I cherish my time with Deep Purple, my artistic identity extends far beyond those boundaries.”

Contrary to the pre-performance jitters that afflict many performers, Hughes radiates confidence on stage, a trait he attributes to his disciplined routine and mindset.

Addressing inquiries about his ability to hit those challenging high notes consistently during live performances, Hughes shared insights into his regimen and mental approach. He elucidated on his pre-show rituals and how he tackles any apprehension:

“Yes, I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity. I prioritize rest, hydration, and vocal exercises. Pre-show warm-ups are crucial. But perhaps the most significant aspect for me is the absence of fear. While I may grapple with apprehension offstage, once under the spotlight, fear dissipates. I’m fully immersed in the moment, unencumbered by doubts or hesitation.”

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