Deep Purple’s Glenn Hughes Considers His Vocal Talent ‘A Gift From Above’

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During an interview with the Classic Rock Podcast, Glenn Hughes expressed his belief that his vocal abilities are a divine gift.

When asked about how he maintains the quality of his voice, he humbly acknowledged that he sees it as a precious gift bestowed upon him.

He described it as something freely given to him, which he cherishes and attaches to himself when he performs.

Hughes, the former vocalist of Deep Purple, also shared his approach to taking care of his voice. He emphasized the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and engaging in extensive vocal warm-ups before each performance.

He revealed that the well-being of his vocal cords holds great significance to him and attributed his vocal longevity partly to his abstinence from smoking and alcohol for the past thirty years.

When the host inquired whether avoiding smoking and alcohol truly made a difference, Glenn affirmed their positive impact.

He emphasized his dedication to caring for his vocal cords and emphasized the importance of being in a joyful environment. Additionally, he expressed how his lifetime of experiences informs his songwriting, allowing him to sing with an open heart.

Given his commitment to vocal care, it comes as no surprise that Hughes continues to tour extensively.

His current tour, titled “Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live – Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the album ‘Burn’,” features performances of Deep Purple’s “Burn” as well as songs from the band’s “MKIII” and “MKIV” eras.

Furthermore, he recently announced a co-headlining US tour with Yngwie Malmsteen for August and September, where Malmsteen will showcase his greatest hits while Hughes delivers timeless Deep Purple classics.

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