Ian Paice On Deep Purple’s Retirement: ‘We Are Realists’

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Ian Paice, the drummer of Deep Purple, recently spoke about the band’s future amidst the reality of aging members. He emphasized that there’s no set plan for retirement from live performances.

The band, he noted, is driven by the joy of performing and the continued appreciation of their fans. Paice acknowledged the inevitable physical limitations that come with age but stressed the band’s focus on the present joy rather than the uncertain future.

In an unpredictable twist, Ian Paice contemplated the eventual end of Deep Purple’s touring days. He speculated that the band might not recognize their last tour or gig until it happens, likening it to an abrupt realization rather than a planned farewell. Despite the potential end of touring, Paice remained optimistic about continuing to create music, highlighting the ease of recording new material.

Don Airey, the keyboardist of Deep Purple, in a separate interview with Rolling Stone, echoed Paice’s sentiments. He referenced T.S. Eliot’s poetry to describe the band’s eventual end – not with a dramatic exit but rather quietly and without fanfare.

Airey mused about the unpredictability of their final performance, suggesting it might pass unnoticed. He also drew on Buddy Guy’s words about musicians not retiring but rather stopping when they can no longer perform. Despite thoughts of a peaceful life, Airey expressed his deep connection to music and touring, likening it to an addiction that he’s not ready to give up.

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