HIM’s Ville Vallo: ‘The Countdown To The End Of My Life Has Started’

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In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Ville Valo expressed his current stance on a HIM reunion. He mentioned, “The thought doesn’t really entice me at the moment. We’ve lost contact, which is quite telling. However, if circumstances change, we’ll see what happens. I have deep affection for my former bandmates and hope the feeling is mutual. Perhaps in the future, under the right conditions, a reunion could be possible.”

Post-HIM, the 47-year-old artist embarked on a solo journey, marking his territory with the release of ‘Neon Noir.’ He commented on this new chapter, saying, “Life’s clock is ticking, and there’s no room for reinvention. I’m pouring my energy into what lies ahead. While being part of a band is comforting, the solo path offers a unique freedom – no need for consensus. For now, I’m enjoying this independence.”

HIM concluded their journey with a final performance on the last eve of 2017. Initially, in early 2023, Valo hinted at a potential reunion, adopting a ‘never say never’ attitude.

Later, in a discussion with Czech TV Česká Televize, he refined his perspective, emphasizing the need for a compelling reason, possibly new music, to consider a reunion. He reflected on the band’s legacy, acknowledging the risks of reigniting the past.

After a brief stint with another band, Valo’s solo career, under the moniker VV, began taking shape in 2020. His debut EP, ‘Gothica Fennica Vol. 1,’ paved the way for his critically acclaimed solo album. Sharing his thoughts with Metal Hammer, he expressed gratitude for the positive reception and the emergence of a new fan base, appreciative of not just his past but his current work with VV.

Discussing his latest album, Valo revealed, “The album is a solo endeavor in every sense – I wrote, played, and produced everything. Inspired by the likes of Prince and Andrew Eldritch, I embraced a self-reliant approach. It required humility, trust in my instincts, and a true dedication to the craft.”

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