How Freddie Mercury Missed Out On Being In Michael Jackson’s Thriller Album

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No matter how often classic rock enthusiast listens to their favorite artists, there is always something new to discover. Even the most ardent Queen fans might not be aware of the scope of Freddie Mercury’s 1980s collaboration with Michael Jackson. Mercury was really intended to play a big part in the creation of Michael Jackson’s masterpiece Thriller, but for some reason, it didn’t make the final edit.

In one of his interviews, Mercury talked about his experience working with Jackson in the studio. After becoming a fan of the band, Jackson reportedly used to go to Queen concerts and had dinner with Freddie Mercury to discuss a potential partnership.

Mercury said, “I think one of the tracks would have been on the Thriller album if I finished it, but I missed out.”

Mercury continued to talk about how he “blew” the alleged duet between the two greatest vocalists of all time in a different interview. “I was initially gonna be on Thriller; can you imagine that? I blew it!”

He did, however, acknowledge writing the song for the album, which ended up being a tune with Mick Jagger singing in lieu of Mercury.

Mercury said, “I went over to his house and did three or four demos to see how they’d work out, State of Shock’ I couldn’t complete. So Mick Jagger did it. I actually did the vocals. Timing is everything. At the time when he wanted me to finish it, I just said, ‘I can’t, I really haven’t got time.’ I was working with Queen. I was in Munich. He was in Los Angeles. He said, ‘Is it OK if Mick does it?’ I said, ‘Fine.’”

The song “State of Shock” was initially going to be on the Thriller album with Mercury providing featured vocals, but Jackson instead chose to record it with the Jackson 5 and Jagger. The Jacksons’ fifteenth studio album, Victory, featured the song later on.

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