How Guns N’ Roses seized the stage off of Aerosmith

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Once in a while, every band goes on opening the act on the stage for another colossal band. While the energy is raw and when they are just a bunch of newcomers that is a way for a bigger achievement in their career. That may surely be the case but the experience Aerosmith had with Guns N’ Roses was a big exception. People getting more excited about Guns N’ Roses than Aerosmith who was the spotlight of the concert.

Guns N’ Roses were not instant megastars. Their debut album ‘Appetite For Destruction’ took more than 1 year to climb to the top of Billboard 200. And it was back in late 1987. Guns N’ Roses were not that well known back then. But their popularity grew during the supporting tour they had with Aerosmith. This tour pushed them from zero to hero.

The tour began in Binghamton in October 1987 and ran for 147 shows in America. With every show, people were attracted to Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith became a bystander. G N’ R became a headline when the tour came to a close in Costa Mesa in September 1988.

The bassist for the band, Duff McKagan in a YouTube interview had something to say about the song ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ which was the reason they were propelled. He said, “By that point, we were already on tour with Aerosmith. Those seven people who showed up early turned into 30, the next night it was 300, and the next night it was 800, and by the end of a couple weeks, all 17,000 people who were there to see Aerosmith were showing up for us. The album started moving up the charts, the single went to number one, and then, the album went to number one.”

The reason for the popularity of Guns N’ Roses during that tour was the song, ‘Sweet Child O Mine’. Every next show and people cheered for that song more than anything. Each time in the concert, the crowds kept growing for Guns N’ Roses and wanted that song while Aerosmith was pushed to the sidelines.

Later on after the concert, in November of 1988, they claimed their spot on the top. They were also the cover stars of Rolling Stone. The limelight was supposed to be for Aerosmith but it was a bitter end for the band. With the public’s attention and affection toward the newcomer Guns N’ Roses, all that led to their rise.

Aerosmith surely had a bad time at the concert. While it may have been a bad time for them, the fans surely got so much more. With a whole new band performing for them and waiting for their next music. Later on after the concert, the song ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ was chosen by MTC, and then, Guns N’ Roses were unstoppable.

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