‘I’m ripping off Led Zeppelin, not Van Halen,’ says Wolfgang Van Halen

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In a recent interview with Linearock, Wolfgang Van Halen shed light on his musical journey and upcoming album, providing insights into his sources of inspiration. During the conversation, Barbara Caserta, the interviewer, drew parallels between Van Halen’s initial two studio albums and the debut and sophomore albums of his new project, Mammoth WVH, highlighting the similarities in their names.

Curious about the substance of the upcoming album, ‘Mammoth II,’ Caserta wondered if it would possess a more intense and passionate energy than its predecessor.

Wolfgang responded in a lighthearted manner, playfully correcting Caserta’s assumption about his influences and confessing to “borrowing” from Led Zeppelin. He went on to elaborate on the musical direction and sound that would be explored in the forthcoming production.

With a touch of humor, Wolfgang stated, “Well, let’s make one correction: instead of channeling the spirit of Van Halen, I’ve been channeling the essence of Led Zeppelin.

“Yeah. Well, one correction is that rather than following Van Halen, I’m ripping off Led Zeppelin. Second of all, I think, after touring for two years and just really getting to experience the live setting with the band, I think you can hear a lot on this new album of just stuff that was written with the live show in mind. Just progressive, exciting, hard rock songs.”

Secondly, after spending two years touring and immersing myself in the live music experience with the band, you can expect to hear elements on this new album that were crafted with the live show in mind.

It’s all about delivering heavy rock songs that are both intricate and entertaining.” Fans were treated to a preview of what awaits them on ‘Mammoth II’ with the release of its lead track, ‘Another Celebration at the End of the World.’ The anticipation continues to grow as the complete album is set to be unleashed on August 4.

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