Iron Maiden: Adrian Smith reveals he’s had ‘mixed feelings about Eddie over the years’

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Eddie, the beloved mascot of Iron Maiden, is just as famous as the band itself. This character has evolved alongside the band, appearing in their illustrations and on stage. However, not everyone was initially convinced about the idea.

Guitarist Adrian Smith recently shared his thoughts with Metal Hammer magazine, expressing his initial doubts about Eddie’s potential impact on the band’s image.

Smith said, “I had mixed feelings about Eddie over the years. I wondered if it would overshadow the band. Having a mascot is great, but could it be seen as questionable? We had a few versions of Eddie that were a bit questionable, and I thought, ‘Oh dear…'”

However, as time passed and Eddie underwent improvements with each iteration, Smith gradually came to accept the mascot’s integral role within the Iron Maiden universe.

He elaborated, “In this new series, we have struck a good balance. The visuals have a modern feel, and the latest versions of Eddie look really impressive. The actors portraying Eddie in costumes are outstanding!”

Iron Maiden’s European tour is currently ongoing and will conclude in Germany at the Wacken Open Air festival in August.

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