Bruce Dickinson Blasts ’80s Bands Performing Nothing But Classic Songs: “Don’t Take Advantage Of Fans”

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Bruce Dickinson is not your regular vocalist. He is well-known for his lively stage performance and high range of operatic vocals. He started his career in a small pub band and is now the lead vocalist of the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

Dickinson has always proved why he is the greatest, and he once again proved the same when he was in an interview with Fortune, where he explained that bands should keep making new songs instead of repeating the same tracks in every concert.

Bands are taking advantage of their fans?

As mentioned above, Dickinson, in a talk with Fortune stated back in 2015 that bands should always keep making new music. He was asked while his 80s rock peers are touring and performing their greatest hits, why Iron Maiden is still making a new album (The Book of Souls).

“If you take advantage of them (fans) as in you serve up the same old thing every single tour, you can expect some of them to walk away. That is just a band becoming a karaoke band. If you’re not doing new music why bother? We don’t share the idea that going and doing stadiums, and playing 30-year-old songs, is a success. It’s just making money,” Dickinson answered.

What a legend. Obviously, there are many hits from Iron Maiden, and if they want, they can go on tour and keep playing their greatest hits, but no, he says that is taking advantage of fans to make money.

Not only did Dickinson talk about the bands, but he also talked about fans who only want to hear their 80s songs. For those fans, he said, “That’s tough. In that case, don’t come.”

That is such a bold thing to say, I mean, how many music artists are there in the world who can publicly say fans to not come to their concerts? if that does not make him a legend then I don’t know what else will.

Iron Maiden released a new album

After they released their sixteenth studio album The Book of Souls in 2015, they came back with a new studio album in 2021 entitled, Senjutsu. And to promote their newly released album, they have announced ‘The Future Past Tour. However, they will also focus on their sixth studio album Somewhere in Time from 1986.

The bassist of the band Steve Harris announced, “Following the release of our latest album, Senjutsu, we updated the current Legacy of the Beast Tour a little by opening the show with the first three songs from it, with the Japanese Palace stage set, as it doesn’t make a lot of sense to repeat this for a Senjutsu album tour, we thought about other options, and we’ve decided to revisit Somewhere In Time as that tour didn’t feature in the various retrospective history tours we’ve played over the years.”

He further said that playing epic tracks on Senjutsu will be pretty exciting. Iron Maiden is more than ready for its 2023 tour. Steve said, “it’s been a long wait! 2023 is going to be an exciting time and we’re really looking forward to seeing everyone again in the U.K., Ireland, and around Europe.”

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