James Hetfield is “really underrated as a rhythm player”, according to Joe Bonamassa

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With his laser-sharp precision in strumming and unwavering downpicking skills, James Hetfield frequently earns recognition as one of heavy metal’s finest rhythm guitarists. However, Joe Bonamassa believes that the Metallica frontman remains underappreciated in the music world.

In a recent conversation with Classic Rock, the blues virtuoso expresses his admiration for Metallica’s enduring success during their remarkable 40-year journey. He especially praises Hetfield as a rhythm guitarist, describing him as “seriously underrated,” with an impressive right hand technique.

In a delightful revelation later in the interview, it is disclosed that Kirk Hammett, Metallica’s lead guitarist, happens to be a neighbor to Bonamassa’s parents. Hammett generously treated them to a special dinner to celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary. Bonamassa affectionately remarks, “Kirk’s a genuinely kind-hearted guy, just like the rest of us music geeks.”

Further into the feature, Bonamassa delves into the dynamic between his musical choices and fan expectations. He contemplates whether to venture into a folk album or other diverse genres but acknowledges the firm connection he has established with his audience. They have come to expect the intense passion and fervor in his guitar playing, which he describes as “the fire and the fury.”

When presented with the notion that his dedicated fans might embrace a folk album purely because it’s his creation, he reflects, “Maybe, some of them, the true fans. But you know, what truly brightens my day is the sight of everyone standing, united by the music.”

He goes on to describe the joy he witnesses in people’s faces as they experience the guitars they’ve only seen in books or the legendary characters from magazines. Bonamassa concludes, “As quirky as it might seem at times, someone out there appreciates it! The happiness it brings to people, that’s all I need.”

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