Sebastian Bach: I Can Be The Next Sammy Hagar Or Neil Young

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In a candid conversation with Misplaced Straws, Sebastian Bach reflected on the anticipation surrounding his upcoming releases and expressed his aspirations to emulate the enduring success of icons like Sammy Hagar and Neil Young.

Astounded by the pre-release buzz surrounding his music, Bach marveled, “The response has been incredible, even before the official release. It’s surreal to see over 1 million views already. Back in ’89, hitting a million in sales meant a platinum album. But this time, nobody can even purchase the record yet; it’s all pre-orders. Yet, everyone’s clamoring to hear it. That’s power.”

Driven by the fervent support of his fans, Bach mused on the prospect of a lasting career akin to legends like Willie Nelson and George Strait, asserting, “My fans have shown me that I have the potential to age like fine wine, like Neil Young or Sammy Hagar. I can envision myself still belting out tunes at 70, 80, by the grace of God, if I’m still kicking. I’ve mastered the art of vocalization, adapting to what the audience craves while staying true to my essence. The only hindrance nowadays is the omnipresent cameras, limiting my onstage antics. But hey, it’s a small price to pay.”

Acknowledging the physical demands of his performances, Bach reminisced about his Skid Row days, noting, “Sure, hitting those high notes while leaping off drum risers may not produce studio-perfect vocals, but there’s an energy, a connection with the audience that transcends perfection. It’s a delicate balance, maintaining both intensity and precision. Physically taxing? Absolutely. But ask anyone who’s tried to fill my shoes.”

Celebrating the triumph of his latest single, ‘(Hold On) To The Dream,’ topping Heavy 1 Radio’s charts, Bach took to Instagram to share his gratitude.

With two more singles, ‘What Do I Got To Lose?’ and ‘Everybody Bleeds,’ already making waves, anticipation for his upcoming album, ‘Child Within The Man,’ is at a fever pitch. Fans can mark their calendars for the grand unveiling on May 10th, ready to embark on a musical journey with the indomitable Sebastian Bach.

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