Jason Bonham Opens Up on Emotional Led Zeppelin Reunion

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Jason Bonham reminisced about performing with his father’s band during their iconic 2007 reunion and shared the insights he gleaned about rhythm dynamics from playing alongside esteemed bassists.

Born to one of rock’s most adored drummers, Jason Bonham was destined for greatness. He didn’t disappoint, establishing himself as a remarkable drummer with a consistent track record.

In a chat with Danny Wimmer, Bonham opened up about the lessons he learned from collaborating with music legends:

“Having the chance to play alongside John Paul Jones, Michael Anthony, and Tony Franklin was enlightening. When you’re with such professionals, you shift focus to the intricacies of the performance. For instance, in Led Zeppelin’s live performances, there’s this unspoken sync: John would tune into my father, and my father, in turn, would sync with Jimmy. It’s about striking a balance – the highs and lows, amplifying the energy when necessary and toning it down at times. Once you connect with the musicians, it’s liberating. And sometimes, I feel the bass is an underappreciated instrument.”

Touching on the Led Zeppelin reunion, Jason expressed his initial skepticism:

“Honestly, I never believed a reunion would come to fruition. My personal journey to sobriety played a big role in that sentiment. The yearning to perform with them was intense. But when I truly detached from the idea, the call arrived. Interestingly, John Paul Jones was also on a sobriety journey. Those six weeks of rehearsals, a couple of hours each day, were some of the most enriching moments for me.”

Regarding the “Celebration Day” film from the O2 Arena reunion that was released half a decade later, Jason’s emotions surged:

“The film brought back a tidal wave of emotions. It was a walk down memory lane, rekindling memories of shared stories and inside jokes from back in the day. They’d jest, ‘He’s grown up, we can share the tales now.’ However, they humorously limited me to two questions a day, advising me to choose wisely. It was an unforgettable experience.”

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