Jimmy Page favorite Led Zeppelin Song

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Jimmy Page is one of the legendary English musicians and is also one of the founding members of the popular rock band Led Zeppelin. Furthermore, He was also listed in third place in the list of Rolling Stone’s hundred greatest guitarists. And it is known to all that he is also one of the most influential guitarists of all time. Other than guitar, this legend also is a songwriter and he has written several songs for Led Zeppelin including Black Dog, Going to California, Fool in the Rain, and more.

Led Zeppelin has sold 300 million units globally and they have over twenty albums released which means this band has many songs. And if you are Jimmy’s fan then you must have at least once thought what Jimmy’s favorite song from Led Zeppelin is. Well, we know how hard it is to choose a favorite however, Jimmy has revealed in an interview what his favorite Led Zeppelin song is, and if you want to know what song that is then keep reading the article.

Jimmy Page’s favorite Led Zeppelin song

Certainly, there are over a hundred songs that we can call best from Led Zeppelin, however, even though there are hundreds of great songs, Jimmy only calls one particular song from the band his favorite. When asked about his favorite song from the band, Jimmy answered the question and let his fans know what his choice is.

Back in 2012, he was asked by Rolling Stone the question and Page said that he loves Kashmir from their sixth studio album Physical Graffiti which was released on 24 February 1975. He was asked, “What is the greatest Zeppelin riff of all?”

Page then responded by saying, “It’s difficult to be asked, ‘What’s your favorite Zeppelin track?’ They all were, They were all intended to be on those albums. I suppose “Kashmir” has to be the one.” He further added, “I knew that this wasn’t just something guitar-based. All of the guitar parts would be on there. But the orchestra needed to sit there, reflecting those other parts, doing what the guitars were but with the colors of a symphony.”

Page also revealed that the keyboardist of the band John Paul Jones did a fantastic job on Kashmir’s orchestral part. Jimmy was then asked if he still writes riffs and he replied, “Yeah, I do. Riffs come out of the ether, out of nowhere. Will you tell me where that is? Because no one knows.”

As mentioned Kashmir is a track from their 1975 double album Physical Graffiti. As per the reports, Jimmy and Robert Plant worked on this album for three years straight. Back in 1980, the drummer of the band John Bonham died from aspiration of vomit, and following his death, the remaining band members decided to disband. However, in 2007 the band once again reunited and did a live show at The O2, London. And at the show, they also performed songs from their double album Physical Graffiti. Led Zeppelin will tour in Europe next year in 2023.

Furthermore, back in 1998, Jimmy recorded guitar for the song “Come with Me” by a popular rapper Puff Daddy and the song was hugely sampled from Jimmy’s favorite Led Zeppelin track Kashmir. Moreover, the song was on the soundtrack of the popular movie Godzilla.

Now let’s briefly discuss how amazing Jimmy Page really is and what achievements he has earned. Page was appointed as Officer of the Order of the British Empire back in 2005. He has also won Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award with his band, Led Zeppelin. Moreover, in 2013, he won the Grammy award for best rock album again with Led Zeppelin

He was also honored by receiving a doctorate from the Berklee College of Music in Boston back in 2014. Surely, Jimmy Page deserves all the honors and awards he has received till now. He also deserves all the love we fans give him because he has contributed so much to not only the music world but is also really active in various charity events.

Jimmy’s wife Jimena Gomez-Paratcha founded Action for Brazil’s Children Trust back in 1998 and certainly, and Page helps her with everything he can. Not only a good musician but Page has proved that he is a very humble, wise, and kind human being.

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