Joan Jett Blasts Ted Nugent: “He Isn’t A Tough Guy”

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Renowned rockstar Ted Nugent has stirred the pot yet again, eliciting a pointed response from iconic rocker Joan Jett.

Rolling Stone magazine acknowledged Joan Jett in their compilation of the “Top 100 Guitarists.” This seemingly did not sit well with Nugent.

Reacting to his remarks in a conversation with NME, Joan addressed his claim that she doesn’t merit her place on the list.

She countered:

“So, he’s implying he should replace me on the list? It’s just so predictable — this dismissiveness is something I’ve faced for years. Ted Nugent has to deal with being himself every day, and honestly, that seems like punishment enough.”

She added:

“He might act like the tough guy, but remember, this is someone who went to extreme measures to avoid military service.”

She concluded, “This ‘tough guy’ is causing divisions everywhere he goes.”

Switching to Nugent’s perspective on the list, he remarked, “Look at all these phenomenal guitarists we have. Yet, Rolling Stone includes Joan Jett but leaves out Tommy Shaw. How do they skip Derek St. Holmes?”

He continued with his criticisms, “It’s simply dishonest. Like when they inducted Grandmaster Flash into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. To include Joan Jett… I have nothing against her; she’s a true rocker. But to include her and not mention talents like Rickey Medlocke, Dave Amato, or Mark Farner? It’s baffling. And the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame includes Grandmaster Flash but not GRAND FUNK RAILROAD?”

He ended with a quip, “If these are the metrics, then I might as well be an unexpected partner for Caitlyn Jenner.”

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