Joe Bonamassa Reacts to People Calling Jimmy Page ‘Sloppy’

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Jimmy Page is a “once-in-a-generation genius,” according to Joe Bonamassa, who defended the Led Zeppelin guitarist against those who call his playing “sloppy.”

Jimmy Page’s musicianship and/or arranging skills *almost* left every rock music listener in awe. There are many reasons why songs like “Stairway to Heaven” and “Immigrant Song” are regarded as some of the best examples of classic rock tunes.

One of the greatest guitarists of all time and one of the most talented is Jimmy Page. Many people respect his technical proficiency and brilliance on the guitar. His use of many methods and genres, such as fingerpicking and bluesy bends, helped him to distinguish himself as a versatile guitarist. He was able to execute intricate solos and riffs with ease and precision.

Guitarist Page created a loose style that was entirely focused on groove and mood since he was so completely unburdened by pedantry, which eventually led some musicians to accuse him of sloppiness.

Joa Bonamassa discusses Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin in the most recent interview with Guitar World. Dissing Jimmy Page is fine, according to contemporary blues legend Joe Bonamassa, as long as you can replicate even a small amount of Page’s special magic:

“A lot of people like to call Page sloppy, and that’s fine. You can call him sloppy all day long, but can you play it? …Try to play ‘The Rain Song’ as well as he played it. You won’t be able to. Not a chance.”

“The thing about Jimmy Page that most people don’t realize is he was a very in-demand session guy before the Yardbirds and Zeppelin. He did boatloads of amazing things before he even was in those bands… Call him sloppy, but he was a once-in-a-generation talent.”

In another part of the conversation, Joe Bo talked about Eric Johnson, another one of his guitar heroes:

“Eric was another one that I learned a ton from and whom I’m still learning from. Every time that I see him, I always apologize to him. I’m like, ‘Man, I’m sorry for stealing your style.’

“His tone is distinct. And I don’t have to remind people of all the amazing music he’s made over the last 30 years. He’s easily one of the best out there and has been for a long time. He can cover any style or whatever he needs to. He’s a joy to watch and listen to.”

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