Joe Elliot Reveals He Was Being Forced To Retire From Def Leppard After Losing His Voice

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Joe Elliott recently engaged in a discussion with BBC Breakfast, where he opened up about his personal struggle with the loss of his voice and the lack of optimism expressed by doctors. However, he also shared his inspiring journey of overcoming these challenges.

In 2015, the iconic rocker was hit hard by a severe case of pneumonia, which forced the cancellation of several shows and an entire tour. Unfortunately, this illness caused significant damage to his vocal cords, leading medical professionals to suggest that Joe should consider stepping away from his role in Def Leppard. Nevertheless, Joe’s unwavering determination prevailed, and he recounted how his vocal coach played a pivotal role in helping him rebuild his voice.

Looking back on those difficult times, the frontman shared, “Around eight years ago, I experienced a drastic loss of my voice. One doctor even went as far as to say, ‘If you weren’t you, I would advise you to change your profession.’ But our vocal coach, who has been with us for nearly three decades, dismissed such discouragement and successfully revitalized my voice without resorting to surgery.”

Joe Elliott went on to describe the intricate process of “rebuilding” his voice, highlighting how numerous professionals believed it to be an impossible task for him to sing again.

He revealed, “I had completely lost control over my vocal abilities, with one vocal cord entirely immobile. Typically, such cords do not recover, but through intensive exercises, mine did. It was like rejuvenating a dried-up rubber band by gently massaging it with oil until it regained its elasticity. That’s exactly what happened in my case. Initially, my vocal cords failed to meet in the middle, but now I am in better vocal shape than ever.”

Through sheer determination and unwavering patience, the frontman of Def Leppard managed to reclaim his voice. Humbly, he acknowledged that he now sings with even greater skill and proficiency than before. If you’re interested in hearing more captivating stories from Joe Elliott, you can enjoy the complete interview below.

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