John 5: “Mick Mars Deserves Respect”

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In a recent conversation with Jerry Swanson, guitarist John 5 delved into his experience of performing Mick Mars’ iconic guitar solos during Mötley Crüe’s concerts. He emphasized the significance of these musical pieces and his dedication to preserving their original essence:

“The tracks from Mötley Crüe hold a special place in my heart. Everyone recognizes the signature drum beats, the memorable lyrics, the distinctive bass lines, and of course, those legendary guitar solos and riffs. For me, Mick’s solos are an integral part of the music.

They matter a lot to me and to the fans, so I strive to replicate them faithfully, just as they were originally composed.”

John 5 voiced his admiration for the original guitarist’s contributions, stating:

“There’s a certain sanctity in music that’s been meticulously crafted. I believe it’s not our place to tamper with that. Imagine altering the solos in classics like ‘Home Sweet Home’ or ‘Dr Feelgood’ – it just wouldn’t feel right. These solos are etched in our memories. Mick Mars is an icon whose work deserves the utmost respect.”

After stepping into the role in 2022, John 5 frequently acknowledged Mick Mars’ impact on his own musical journey. He also spoke about fine-tuning his instrumentals to resonate with the distinct sound of the original guitarist:

“Mick’s sound and technique are phenomenal. I found myself switching [guitar amp] heads to match his unique tone. While I predominantly play a Telecaster, it’s interesting to note that Mick also favored the Telecaster, especially during their ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ era. My admiration and respect for Mick are profound, and he’s well aware of it.”

Despite some strained relations between Mick Mars and the band after his departure, John 5 and Mars have maintained a positive and respectful connection. In a conversation with Eddie Trunk, John 5 shared:

“Mick and I are in regular contact. We even exchange holiday presents. When I was named the new guitarist, Mick’s message was among the first I received. He was supportive, telling me, ‘You’re gonna kill it!’ This transition isn’t about a stranger stepping in; there’s a deep, mutual respect between us.”

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