John Lennon’s Son Sean Lennon Declares War Against Straws

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Sean Ono Lennon, the son of John Lennon, recently expressed his perspective on the issue of straws and humorously mentioned the one group exempt from his “war” in a series of tweets.

As an activist like his famous parents, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Sean actively raises awareness about climate change and environmental issues. Currently, his focus is directed toward all types of straws, making it a modern cause for him.

In his tweets, Sean emphasized the need for everyone to stop using straws, including paper ones since they have not been a necessity for centuries. While he believed that civilizations could easily adapt to drinking directly from cups, he did make an exception for a specific group: those with mustaches.

His tweets read as follows:

“Perhaps we can do away with straws altogether, instead of relying on paper ones. Humans have managed to drink from cups for a long time without straws. It may be challenging, but I’m open to learning.

Basically, if you don’t have a mustache, I kindly request that you refrain from using straws. And to drivers, please note that your sippy cup lid is perfectly suitable.”

Following these statements, a wheelchair user who identified as a fan replied, expressing the importance of straws for their survival in consuming liquids. Sean promptly revised his stance, adding individuals who require straws for survival to his list of exceptions, along with those sporting mustaches.

His response to the user in a wheelchair was as follows:

“I understand that using straws for survival is a valid reason. That, and an impressive mustache. But that’s the extent of the exceptions.”

Another fan shared their opinion with Sean, stating that the “war on straws” should not be a top priority given the numerous other pressing issues in society. Nevertheless, Sean stood by his statements without backing down.

The user stated:

“Why don’t we simply address the issue of straws? If you feel strongly, you can choose not to use them. In the grand scheme of global problems, this seems relatively insignificant.”

Sean replied:

“I acknowledge that avoiding nuclear war and other major concerns is crucial, but let’s not underestimate the significance of the great straw wars.”

Despite some users highlighting other pressing problems that pose greater threats to the planet’s well-being, Sean remained steadfast in his mission against straws. However, he did have fans who supported his tweets, making it a somewhat balanced discussion.

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