Johnny Depp Is On the Same Level As Guitarists Joe Perry And Jeff Beck, Alice Cooper Claims

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In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Alice Cooper praised his Hollywood Vampires bandmate Johnny Depp’s musical prowess, likening him to esteemed guitarists such as Joe Perry and Jeff Beck. Cooper debunked the misconception that Depp’s guitar skills were merely a hobby for the renowned actor, highlighting his collaborations with legendary musicians like Beck and The Rolling Stones as evidence of his musical proficiency.

Cooper emphasized that playing alongside icons like Jeff Beck, Joe Perry, and Joe Walsh requires a level of musical competence that Depp undeniably possesses. He commended Depp’s dedication and talent, dispelling any doubts about his abilities as a guitarist.

However, not everyone shares Cooper’s sentiment. A&R executive Tom Zutaut recounted his experience of witnessing Depp’s audition, recalling Depp’s lackluster performance on the guitar. Despite Depp’s shortcomings as a technical player, Zutaut acknowledged his undeniable charisma, which ultimately contributed to his success as a musician.

Despite the skepticism from some quarters, Cooper remains steadfast in his belief in Depp’s musical abilities. He reiterated his admiration for Depp’s guitar skills in various interviews, emphasizing Depp’s commitment to his craft and his integral role within the Hollywood Vampires lineup.

Depp’s journey as a guitarist began at a young age, and his tenure with the Hollywood Vampires alongside Cooper and Perry has allowed him to showcase his musical talents on a global stage, further solidifying his place in the realm of rock music.

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